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Please, Forgive Yourself!

What ever has occurred to this point can not be undone. Only acknowledging your part, making the adjustments and be that better person today.

Measurement to a past that is no longer tangible does not equate to a tangible reality of who you are today and who you will become tomorrow.

Every day is about being the better version of yourself to become that highest version of you. To do that; one must cut away in the heart all that is of the past. It only serves to weigh you down.

If you trust yourself the Universe will trust you!

The Universe is truly amazing and the power of connection and energy continues to blow my mind!

Once again this is another perfect example of the Universe working its Power and Magic and collectively gathering women who have the intention and purpose of living in truth and teaching others how to do the same by sharing their stories and their vulnerability!

When I was invited to be part of this book, I immediately knew intuitively the right publisher had found me and I trusted from the first email!

I had put the intention out in the universe about a year prior and it’s not by chance the opportunity showed up when it did!

I knew I would meet other authors and that they would be sharing their stories but I had know idea who!

When it was revealed who all my co-authors were I was blown away at the alignment the purpose and the power at all of these beautiful powerful women all uniquely different but energetically a strong similar vibration and intention!

My teaching to others is “Trusting your Intuition!”, and you can’t teach something until you have a strong practice with yourself first.

I am joyful at the trusting on this project! I don’t believe there are any coincidences and it is obvious and clear here, the energy behind this collaboration is for the greater good to inspire and raise the vibration of consciousness through sharing our own vulnerability and personal journeys!

Let your intuition always be in alignment with your truth and it will never guide you wrong!

With much love and gratitude,
Anne Marie

The 5 Minute Sweet Spot to 10x Your Business and Life

I walked off stage, grabbed my journal, and went right to the videographer to debrief.

It wasn’t the time for celebration or hugs.

I nailed my speech! Best delivery yet.

50 or so women entrepreneurs.

They picked me to open the conference.

First of 18 speakers.

It was an honour.

But RIGHT after I spoke, before I hit the crowd,

That time is for ME.

It’s not the time time for follow up conversations with prospective clients.

That’s coming in 5 minutes…. (unless you sell from stage and are meeting those who bought pronto.)

That time is for me.

That’s when it’s all fresh.

Feeling the audience, replaying the stories.

Did the teaching land?

Could I have tweaked that one part just a little bit?

I’m constantly on a mission to improve as a speaker, author, content and digital marketing specialist.

If we think about athletes, they watch the playback tapes before their practice starts.

It’s no different as entrepreneurs, we analyze our conversions, open rates, breakage rates,

And we practice.

Our content, sales delivery, teaching.

But I’ve found the sweet spot of improvement to be RIGHT after I perform.

RIGHT AFTER that speech, sales video, webinar, LIVE on social media.

That’s when I’m analyzing and tweaking.

That sets the tone for how I practice the next day, week, month.

Maybe it’s not a business you’re trying to improve.

But this practice can be applied to anything.

Want to get stronger at the gym?

Replay your workout as your stretching and cooling down.

Your marriage? After the make- up- you- know -what, debrief on that fight.

Parenting? I sit down next to Oliver during his meltdowns because the lego piece won’t fit the way he wants it to.

After the tears, that’s the sweet spot moment.

Don’t miss it because you’re too busy moving onto the next thing on your list.





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Discombobulated to Calm

Discombobulated to Calm

Do you think you have everything planned for the day ahead? How about the week ahead? That’s what I thought last week and then my whole week was upended by circumstances beyond my control.

Nothing terrible happened – just a LOT of stuff that kept coming up one thing right after the other. There was other people’s stuff that caused an interruption to my schedule—a sick child, a forgetful parent who needed help, noisy roofers up above with no prior notice, and someone simply unprepared for our time together. The reasons and excuses kept coming, and so I watched helplessly as my perfectly planned schedule got totally rearranged. I tried to roll and flow with it – but come on!

All this uncertainty really messed with the control freak in me.

I was discombobulated, out of sorts, and even a little irritated. I was in a bad place. Look, I have written about “perfect timing and divine order”, I’ve talked about it and did a webcast on this very topic. And yet, when uncertainty presented itself, when a monkey wrench was thrown into the mix, when I felt at a loss, and at the mercy of everyone and everything else, I caved. I let it get the best of me. I allowed myself to be consumed by the injustice of it all. I mean, come on, Universe! What gives?

And then, something happened.

A smile came to my lips and I began to chuckle. How could I let myself get so upset over this? It was just an interruption to my time. I was fine. The people I love are fine. I’m still alive and well. And so, I started to behave differently. I consciously shifted my awareness to the opening that was in front of me and took my mind to a place of calm. I did my best to breathe deeply, and I remembered a mantra I learned in a meditation class,

“In my uncertainty I find my security”.

I breathed in these words and made a decision—I decided to relax into it. What happened next was pretty amazing (and at the same time pretty predictable). The good news is I ended up getting a jump on other things. I rescheduled appointments to an even better time for me. I had time to relax, talk to friends and family, and organize my workspace. I had more time to cook, put in a new ventilation fan, go to the beach, spend some time shopping, go out for dinner, and relax! It was a little shift in thinking that I wish had come a few days sooner, and yet I am reminded that all things truly are in perfect timing and divine order. All is well.

Get comfortable with uncertainty. Possibility resides here.
Now, that’s Powerful!

Possibility be with(in) you,

Peace is the Beginning, the Middle and the End

In times of stress, struggle or unexpected mishaps, it seems that we are seeking peace as the end result. We want a peaceful circumstance, a peaceful resolution, and a peaceful mind.

As Mohandas Ghandi said, “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.”

The best way to get to peace is not to look to it as the end result; instead we must start with peace. We must think thoughts and speak words of peace. Peace must be with us every step of the way and if it is, then peace remains in the end as well. Where does peace come from?

Peace comes from within.

You can find peace in your breath, in your belly and in your heart, and when you find it there, you must transmit it to your thinking mind. From your thinking mind you must move peace to your tongue. Exude peace from the whole of you to the object of your discomfort.

Peace begets peace, and when all is said and done, only peace remains.

Now, that’s Powerful!

PEACE be with(in) you.

Love, Sue

The Transformational Power of Gratitude ~ It’s Easier than You Think

You’ve been grateful your whole life. In fact, among the first words you learned as a child are the words “thank you”. Your parents taught you when to say it, who to say it to and that you should say it every time something good is bestowed upon you. As you grew up, you found that when you said these words, it made people happy. You probably also enjoyed hearing these words and found some pleasure in being thanked by someone for something you gave them, something nice you did for them or something nice you said. You learned that the words “thank you” had something to do with feeling good. You learned that these words served you, and you learned that they served others.

Saying thank you is meant to be a heartfelt response for something or someone, but it seems that often it is a perfunctory gesture, uttered without real thought or feeling. This has happened with other initially heartfelt sayings in our society too; “God bless you” when someone sneezes, “How are you?” when we greet someone and “See you later” as we say goodbye. The actual meaning of these phrases has been lost and the words are often said in passing without thought to the message – much like a reflex.

So how can we return to the true meaning of the words? How can we say “thank you” and know that we really mean it? It all starts with being in the present. It starts with a conscious awareness of your thoughts, your actions and your words, and the knowledge that when you are authentic, these three are aligned. And when you are in complete alignment as you use the words “thank you”, you are in a position to experience true gratitude.

Gratitude is a feeling that exists within in you. It is not a word uttered, a card sent or something you do to pay someone back. Gratitude cannot be seen or heard. It is not physical or concrete. It is not a person, place or thing.

Gratitude is a feeling in your heart.

More correctly, gratitude is a feeling that starts in your heart and emanates through your whole being. When you are in a space of pure gratitude, you will notice that your whole body feels lighter and freer. You will notice that your thoughts flow easily and your breathing slows. You may even call this state you are in, one of freedom. Feelings of gratitude often morph into other feelings of a high vibration such as joy, peace and love. And know this, when you get yourself into a feeling place of pure gratitude, all things are possible.

Gratitude holds great power – it holds the power to transform and the power to heal.

In my own experience, I have found gratitude to be the antidote for pain, both physical and emotional. When you are in a state of gratitude, and you focus only on that, you cannot think about or feel anything that is negative, hurtful or painful. When you focus on gratitude, you do not feel a sense of loss, loneliness or emptiness. And when you express gratitude to someone else who is in pain, you will see their body looking physically lighter and their face looking less tense or strained. Yes, gratitude eases pain and suffering, and it replaces these with hope and grace.

How to get into the “Attitude of Gratitude” … This is the easy part! There is one single step and no more. To get into a feeling place of gratitude you must simply shift your attention to that which pleases you and focus only on that. You must place your focus on that which brings you joy, that which shows you beauty and that which illuminates all that is good. What you think about, you bring about, so think of being happy, healthy and strong. Think of feeling abundant, hopeful and prosperous. Think of being joyful, light and free. Think of being in your favorite place, with your favorite people, doing your favorite things. When your thoughts are on the things that bring you joy and you are feeling really, really good – maybe even wonderful – simply say “thank you”, and let it fill your heart. This is what gratitude feels like.

Once you have experienced true gratitude, you will never again hear the words “thank you” without taking them to heart, and you will never again say these words without feeling good inside. And the more you practice feeling grateful, the more easily it will happen for you, until one day you will be aware that you are grateful pretty much all the time for pretty much every thing. And that, dear friends, is an attitude of gratitude. Now, that’s Powerful!

STOP CHASING YOUR ZEN…it’s right in front of you.

Do you think God/Spirit/Source is ever confused or overwhelmed? Do you think s/he/it gets worried and anxious about health, relationships, or finances? Then why in the world do we?

If we are indeed made in the image and likeness of God, as we’re told, then we, too, have a divine center, a peaceful calm at the core of our soul that is accessible anytime we stop and remember to connect.

The famous Zen saying, “Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water; after Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water” is a simple reminder that we can transform any task, whether we love it or not, into a calming meditation, an opportunity to breathe, reflect and connect. Even the laundry. Or carpool. Or mundane business tasks.

Each day, as you wake, and before you begin the noisy, busy and possibly insane day that comes along with 21st century living, force yourself to be still.

You see, the most important tool to keep things moving (in the direction you want, most of the time) is to actually take a few minutes to be still. Let’s repeat that: In order to keep things MOVING you must be STILL. What in the world does that mean? It means get out of bed in the morning, sit somewhere, and practice being STILL and SILENT.

“Well what do I do during that time?” you may ask. NOTHING. Listen to the silence, to the space between your thoughts. “BUT WHY?” you may ask. BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE YOUR ANSWERS LIE. They do NOT lie in the busyness of your day. They do not lie in DOING more. Everything you’re looking for – ideas, decisions, clarity – will sort themselves out if you simply stop long enough to BE STILL and QUIET at the beginning of each day.

I encourage you to find your version of quiet and stillness, whether it’s simple breathing, formal meditation, or traditional prayer. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. Just do it. Your Zen is waiting.

No Balance = No Satisfaction, No Success

Tired of chasing success & satisfaction? Not sure what you’re doing wrong?

Our research shows that most women are following the wrong strategies as they work tirelessly to achieve success and satisfaction. In fact, our studies reveal that most of you are working against yourselves. Ouch!

When you follow your proper human design strategy, and you make sure that your Mind, Body & Spirit are all strong and in alignment, then you’ll start experiencing the results you envision with less effort. I know this firsthand, as I’ve been personally experimenting all year, and am eager to share this info it with you!

Consider this:

Your mind can be the LEAST HELPFUL tool in your toolbox unless you know how to train it and control the negative thinking that overtakes it. When you use it for your benefit, it’s quite powerful, but most people simply rehash the same negative thinking over and over, and then expect their life/business situation to change. Get a handle on your mind, and you’re much closer to achieving your goals.

But that’s not all –

Your body is Command Central for your entire life.

And while we know we need it to exist – it literally supports us – often we either ignore or even abuse it. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You’re a spiritual being in a human body,” and so your body (often called “the body temple”) enables your Spirit to exist and move freely through life. It provides you with not only needed energy to live your day powerfully, it’s also one of the best decision-making tools on the planet. Think about how many times you’ve said “It doesn’t feel right” or “Yes, that feels like a good idea.” The only place we actually feel things is within our bodies, which provides invaluable wisdom and knowledge. However, if you’re disconnected from it, you’ll miss these precious signs.

Some wonder how in the world Spirit can help in business. First of all, when we say “Spirit,” we’re referring to something you cannot see, that is larger than you, that you can access for support. To you that may be “God,” “Nature,” “Universal Intelligence,” “Jesus,” Buddha,” etc. What you call it does not matter; what matters is that you call upon it. Plugging into this Source provides access to intuition, resourcefulness, serendipity, flow and trust. It’s like connecting your electrical cord to the outlet in the wall; instantly you’re provided with power, energy, and flow.

If you’re feeling out of balance, or you’re not sure what’s wrong, take our quick Something’s Missing Quiz to find out. At the end you’ll get a bonus First Aid Kit customized to help you strengthen whatever’s off in your system.


When to Break the Rules

breakrules-300x290A few questions for you:

Where have you been following the rules – in life or in business – even though there’s a part of you that knows it’s not good for you?

What have you been doing that just doesn’t FEEL right, even if:

1. Everyone else is doing it or

2. Some highly respected authority tells you, you should?

For me, 2016 has been a year of rule breaking. Of shedding the yoke of indoctrination and walking away from “proven” systems that I’m told will lead me to my pot of gold.

See, the rules I was following made me feel like I was standing on a street corner, wearing a chicken suit, hawking my wares. To me, this whole internet marketing thing feels like it’s one big Kmart Blue Light Special.

Can anyone relate?

That’s how I’ve felt for a while now, especially when I’ve followed what the “experts” say I should do.

chickenSo instead, I’ve removed the shackles, turned within, and discovered what really lights me up and feels authentic and I’m building my business/life from THAT place instead. Now, don’t get me wrong – from time to time we need expert advice for things we actually don’t know how to do – but then we must take the crucial step of making sure those steps feel in alignment with who we are. Otherwise you’re just wearing the chicken suit.

If you feel you’re working way too hard following all the rules and you still can’t find your pot of gold, then rest assured there’s a MUCH EASIER way to go about building your life/business.

To Breaking the Rules!

Let’s get you firing on ALL pistons, so that you not only survive the fickle tides of the marketplace, but you also create the sacred business & life that you deserve.


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