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My Awakening: YouTube interview with Public Speaker and Author, Aaron Fisher (@theawakeningself)

Watch my interview with Aaron Fisher (entrepreneur, public speaker and author; @theawakeningself on Instagram) where we share a heart-felt conversation on awakening and how it was like for me!

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Bach Flower Remedies – Mother Nature’s Support for Sensitive Souls

This is how a divine line of floral essences (vibrations of plants, flowers and trees) came to be created, and they are called Faery Heart Elixirs. The concept of them was conceived one night in a dream. Seems so simple really! I had 6 names of elixirs and a general idea of what they would be able to do. The next night I had an awareness of what the intention of each elixir would be and its purpose. The explanations and intentions just seemed to flow onto the page! The next day feeling inspired, I bought myself some Bach Flower Essences and proceeded to intuitively bring each elixir to life. I intuitively knew how to blend the essences together and create something new – a vibrational line of elixirs that would assist us sensitive beings in walking easier on this planet. Not only can they assist us in feeling more peace, calmness, protection, grounding and courage but they also support our evolution. The line of elixirs has expanded to include help with: opening up to our gifts, feeling more loved, feeling like we belong, abundance, sleep assistance, and mind taming. I’ve been blessed with people requesting custom blends – that is how a focus elixir came to be. Currently I’m working on an elixir to assist with fertility and even addictions. There are new elixirs seeping into my awareness constantly, new avenues to support our growth and development. I’ve had an elixir come through so strongly and clearly that there was no question about her name or what she would do. Her name is Memories and she is a force to be reckoned with! The intention with Memories was to help us REMEMBER soul memories that will enable us to step in to our power more. Help us embody more of our gifts and reclaim more of our big spirit selves enabling us to step forward with more confidence and expansion.

As a sensitive being the elixirs have allowed me to feel like I am more in control of my life. I’m driving the car instead of being drug behind it! No longer am I controlled by anxiety and fear and powerless to energetic challenges that my body feels regularly. I have miraculous assistance to help me navigate these crazy energies and I wanted to share them with others as well. They have really been a saving grace for me and for the other sensitive beings out there… there is assistance! If you’d like to know more about Faery Heart Elixirs or Bach Flower Remedies please drop me a line. My email is or you can visit my website at


Holy Fire III Reiki

Significant milestones in Reiki have recently transpired. Not only did I acquire my own official Reiki (Holy Fire lineage) MASTER certificate as of last week (along with the rest of my class, featured above), but Holy Fire itself reached another milestone.

My having “leveled-up” to Reiki master means that I now have two additional symbols with which to heal clients during sessions. I’ve already experienced, and so can testify firsthand to, the uniqueness of these symbols’ energies, compared to the energies of those core symbols with which I’ve been healing clients all along (each of which also has its own distinct feel — and all of which I will, of course, continue to work with as I add to my personal Reiki toolkit).

As of three weeks ago, Holy Fire II energy has been replaced with Holy Fire III. This divine energy descended from the heavens to ignite the healers working with it (I think of it as a software upgrade, myself). I am honored and grateful to have been a member of one of the first classes ever to have been imbued with this latest manifestation of Holy Fire.

The same tools and techniques that have been central to the Holy Fire lineage of Reiki healing will continue to be used — only with a different energy. The Grace of Forgiveness comes through more powerfully with Holy Fire III, and the focus of its healing is less on what is being released during healing, and more on what is being revealed as the masks of the culturally created self are peeled away from the Authentic Self.

I experienced some most beautiful experiences during last week’s Reiki intensive.

During our first class meditation, the River of Life Experience, I had some of my own, most deeply ingrained masks come to mind; masks that ultimately came from having been raised in a society that equates one’s worth with their career success. I was reminded that shifting my focus to the positive, with a lens of Gratitude for all that I am blessed to have — as opposed to focusing on the negative, which renders judgments and criticisms of all aspects of reality — is fundamental to peace and happiness. (It wasn’t a happy reminder during the healing, though. I cried like a child whose Band-Aid was being ripped off of my actual flesh.)

In hindsight, it would naturally be the case that class healings began with the recognition and removal of personal obstacles blocking that which needed to be revealed. Later, on the same day, during the placement of the master symbol of the Usui lineage of Reiki, I felt an incredible lightness — that is, weightlessness — as if I literally were floating on cloud nine.

And, by the last day of the class, that incredible lightness became even lighter, as if I were filled with Helium.

Welcome to Laera’s Lair of Natural Healing!

Watch “Welcome to Laera’s Lair of Natural Healing” on YouTube

The mission of Laera’s Lair is to guide people to heal dis-ease without using pharmaceuticals — both through spreading awareness and through working with clients. I specialize in working with clients living with brain and nerve dis-ease. My own success in naturally controlling my epileptic seizures led me to realize the power of healing methods that lie outside the realm of conventional Western medicine, and often are labeled as “alternative”. It is with gratitude for my personal journey that I, too, now regard these alternatives as being fundamentals of healthcare, and I find myself beyond motivated to share my passion for natural healing with others at my Lair.

If you trust yourself the Universe will trust you!

The Universe is truly amazing and the power of connection and energy continues to blow my mind!

Once again this is another perfect example of the Universe working its Power and Magic and collectively gathering women who have the intention and purpose of living in truth and teaching others how to do the same by sharing their stories and their vulnerability!

When I was invited to be part of this book, I immediately knew intuitively the right publisher had found me and I trusted from the first email!

I had put the intention out in the universe about a year prior and it’s not by chance the opportunity showed up when it did!

I knew I would meet other authors and that they would be sharing their stories but I had know idea who!

When it was revealed who all my co-authors were I was blown away at the alignment the purpose and the power at all of these beautiful powerful women all uniquely different but energetically a strong similar vibration and intention!

My teaching to others is “Trusting your Intuition!”, and you can’t teach something until you have a strong practice with yourself first.

I am joyful at the trusting on this project! I don’t believe there are any coincidences and it is obvious and clear here, the energy behind this collaboration is for the greater good to inspire and raise the vibration of consciousness through sharing our own vulnerability and personal journeys!

Let your intuition always be in alignment with your truth and it will never guide you wrong!

With much love and gratitude,
Anne Marie

Mindfulness Monday Quick Hit #1 ~ So Simple

Do you want to start your week off right?

Check out your Mindfulness Monday Quick Hit below.

  1. Step outside and feel your feet firmly on the ground.
  2. Close your eyes and take in a deep breath filling your lungs completely.
  3. Exhale gently and slowly open your eyes.
  4. Notice your surroundings – the air, sky, ground, plants, sounds.
  5. Recognize this feeling of calm centeredness.
  6. Take this feeling with you throughout your day.


If you found this quick hit helpful please share with others.

Any questions or comments please feel free to reach me at

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What is Medical Intuition?

Medical Intuition is the ability to read a person’s energetic field clairvoyantly, in order to locate a physical, emotional and mental imbalance, blockage or disease. A Medical Intuitive energetically reads the body including the organs, bones, blood, muscles, etc. This is done by clairvoyantly scanning the body for blockages. A Medical Intuitive is also able to find the connection between a physical malady and the emotional trauma which is causing the illness. This is the key for healing. Traumas are unprocessed fearful events and feelings carried over from the past, such as from childhood or even past lives. A Medical Intuitive seeks to uncover past traumas in order to balance and heal them. This in turn, allows the physical body to heal naturally, as emotional blockages always proceed physical ones, and must be addressed in order for the physical body to heal completely. Medical Intuition is one of the most accurate, powerful and exciting methods of alternative medicine today.

During a Medical Intuitive reading you will receive clear verbal communication directly regarding your particular issue, its history and how to unravel and heal its many layers. Most sessions consist of a verbal energy reading as well as a silent energy healing. The goal of a silent energy healing is to release blockages and allow your system to re-introduce healthy, flowing and balanced energy.

What is special about a medical intuitive reading is that it addresses the unique individual. Each person’s body, emotions and energy field is completely different, just like our thumbprints, due to our unique life experiences. Therefore, the information given in an energy reading is not a guess. It is based specifically on your own soul’s history and vibratory pattern. This also means that the cure for you could be completely different than the cure for someone else with the same disease or issue.

All dis-eases, whether emotional, physical or mental, manifest through negative and un-true beliefs, such as, “I am unworthy, stupid, selfish, guilty, ugly, incompetent, etc.” Most of these beliefs are born through the ignorance of one’s true God self and infinite connection with the Divine. For this reason, complete healing entails rediscovering one’s truth, beauty and connection to Source.

All issues, pains and dis-ease’s have connected emotional, physical and mental components to them. For example, the physical pain in your back is connected to an emotional pain in your heart, which is connected to negative mental thinking in your head. For this reason, you will need to address different aspects of your self (and not just take some pills) in order to heal completely from the inside out. As challenging as it may seem to discover and heal negative beliefs that you have falsely accepted about your self, so too is it freeing and the first step toward recovery.

During a healing session I will address helpful spiritual/energetic practices, specific foods, supplements, activities, thoughts, visualizations, lifestyles, finances, relationships and occupations that pertain to you, the individual. Those who follow through with their individual programs have told me they have healed from many different diseases such as cancer, herpes, candida, nightmares, addictions, migraines, low self esteem, etc…. With action, will-power and faith, all healing is possible. To hear more about positive healing experiences from my clients, please visit my testimonial page.

Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive:
(808) 268-8501

Theta Healing

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.” Buddha

The ThetaHealing technique is a meditation technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of improvement in mind, body and spirit while getting closer to the Creator of All That Is (our God has many names and we call him Creator).  It is a focused prayer to the Creator and allows you to train your mind, body and spirit to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. Through meditation and prayer, the ThetaHealing Technique creates a positive lifestyle.

Merging the awareness of Metaphysics, and Quantum Physics, ThetaHealing® can quickly transform your life. This is a powerful, precise tool that propels one towards deep and everlasting changes and and shifting of our life on all levels.  It is an Energy Healing technique where I uses “Theta” brain waves to connect to Source and to channel healing energy, providing a pathway to effortless change.  It can be used to clear beliefs that are keeping you tied to unwanted habits and patterns.

In every BeLief there is a lie! Are there lies you have been telling yourself that are preventing you from living the life you have always dreamed of? Do you have beliefs that are supporting a life of struggle and stress? Are you ready to change these limiting beliefs that are no longer serving your highest good?  You are the entire creator of you reality, not just part of it but every part of it.  You create it with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

What’s holding you back from living the life of your dreams and keeping you from living a successful life without the struggle and worry?

The subconscious mind is the storage room of everything that is currently not in your conscious mind.The subconscious mind stores all of your previous life experiences,your beliefs, your memories, your skills, all situations you’ve been through and all images you’ve ever seen. It is the totality of mental process that we are not aware of.  The programs in your subconscious creates the life you have, it attracts the people that come into your life and the experiences and events that are drawn to you.   Your subconscious holds the belief that creates the life we have including the negative beliefs and programs that may be hindering us from true health.

Stanford University professor Bruce Lipton: Scientists show that most of our decisions, actions, emotions and behavior depend on the 95% of brain activity that is beyond our conscious awareness, which means that 95 – 99% of our life comes from the programming in our subconscious mind.

Stored deep with in our subconscious, in our DNA, in our Bones and in our cells is everything we heard from conception throughout childhood.  We hold memories of collective conscious past lives and historical beliefs…

•Core beliefs held onto from conception through childhood.

•Genetic beliefs are recorded in the morphogenetic field and DNA, our ancestral memory that can be more than two generations old.

•History level is the deep genetic witness or energetic genetic memory, human collective consciousness or past life memory.

•Soul Level is the deepest level.  Our souls are still learning, and can be redirected.  If the person holds programs on more than one level, the soul may be affected, since grief and sorrow can be carried to the soul.

The subconscious mind does not understand that it holds negative beliefs, the mind actually

believes every belief is there to protect us and keep us safe..The limiting beliefs can be present in one level or numerous levels simultaneously.  When the belief is cleared ad released, replaced with empowering and positive beliefs it creates wonderful change in our lives.

This is where muscle testing comes in to verify beliefs that are negative and do not serve you, the work takes place and is replaced with the positive than tested to confirm they are no longer there.  This is when your world starts to shift into a healthier you.

What keeps you from healing a health condition?

Holding beliefs that do not serve you can lead to physical ailments in the body that can be worked on to clear.  But for some why is it they are not healing?  There are those that believe (subconsciously) they should be sick, they believe that somehow it is serving them may it be by bringing family together, or it is the only way they will get the attention they need, for some it is the only way they can justify taking a break.

How many sessions will I need?

Most clients feel a shift immediately after their first session.  Others feel the difference gradually within a few days as the work is integrated.   There often are multiple beliefs and it is important for the brain to have time to renew after multiple downloads and re programming, hence 1 hour sessions.  When a client has deeper rooted beliefs these beliefs will be identified within multiple sessions and removed and replaced to accomplish the desired result.  These beliefs will be removed at one or more of the four Belief Levels (Core, Genetic, History, or Soul).


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