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Bach Flower Remedies – Mother Nature’s Support for Sensitive Souls

This is how a divine line of floral essences (vibrations of plants, flowers and trees) came to be created, and they are called Faery Heart Elixirs. The concept of them was conceived one night in a dream. Seems so simple really! I had 6 names of elixirs and a general idea of what they would be able to do. The next night I had an awareness of what the intention of each elixir would be and its purpose. The explanations and intentions just seemed to flow onto the page! The next day feeling inspired, I bought myself some Bach Flower Essences and proceeded to intuitively bring each elixir to life. I intuitively knew how to blend the essences together and create something new – a vibrational line of elixirs that would assist us sensitive beings in walking easier on this planet. Not only can they assist us in feeling more peace, calmness, protection, grounding and courage but they also support our evolution. The line of elixirs has expanded to include help with: opening up to our gifts, feeling more loved, feeling like we belong, abundance, sleep assistance, and mind taming. I’ve been blessed with people requesting custom blends – that is how a focus elixir came to be. Currently I’m working on an elixir to assist with fertility and even addictions. There are new elixirs seeping into my awareness constantly, new avenues to support our growth and development. I’ve had an elixir come through so strongly and clearly that there was no question about her name or what she would do. Her name is Memories and she is a force to be reckoned with! The intention with Memories was to help us REMEMBER soul memories that will enable us to step in to our power more. Help us embody more of our gifts and reclaim more of our big spirit selves enabling us to step forward with more confidence and expansion.

As a sensitive being the elixirs have allowed me to feel like I am more in control of my life. I’m driving the car instead of being drug behind it! No longer am I controlled by anxiety and fear and powerless to energetic challenges that my body feels regularly. I have miraculous assistance to help me navigate these crazy energies and I wanted to share them with others as well. They have really been a saving grace for me and for the other sensitive beings out there… there is assistance! If you’d like to know more about Faery Heart Elixirs or Bach Flower Remedies please drop me a line. My email is or you can visit my website at


Holy Fire III Reiki

Significant milestones in Reiki have recently transpired. Not only did I acquire my own official Reiki (Holy Fire lineage) MASTER certificate as of last week (along with the rest of my class, featured above), but Holy Fire itself reached another milestone.

My having “leveled-up” to Reiki master means that I now have two additional symbols with which to heal clients during sessions. I’ve already experienced, and so can testify firsthand to, the uniqueness of these symbols’ energies, compared to the energies of those core symbols with which I’ve been healing clients all along (each of which also has its own distinct feel — and all of which I will, of course, continue to work with as I add to my personal Reiki toolkit).

As of three weeks ago, Holy Fire II energy has been replaced with Holy Fire III. This divine energy descended from the heavens to ignite the healers working with it (I think of it as a software upgrade, myself). I am honored and grateful to have been a member of one of the first classes ever to have been imbued with this latest manifestation of Holy Fire.

The same tools and techniques that have been central to the Holy Fire lineage of Reiki healing will continue to be used — only with a different energy. The Grace of Forgiveness comes through more powerfully with Holy Fire III, and the focus of its healing is less on what is being released during healing, and more on what is being revealed as the masks of the culturally created self are peeled away from the Authentic Self.

I experienced some most beautiful experiences during last week’s Reiki intensive.

During our first class meditation, the River of Life Experience, I had some of my own, most deeply ingrained masks come to mind; masks that ultimately came from having been raised in a society that equates one’s worth with their career success. I was reminded that shifting my focus to the positive, with a lens of Gratitude for all that I am blessed to have — as opposed to focusing on the negative, which renders judgments and criticisms of all aspects of reality — is fundamental to peace and happiness. (It wasn’t a happy reminder during the healing, though. I cried like a child whose Band-Aid was being ripped off of my actual flesh.)

In hindsight, it would naturally be the case that class healings began with the recognition and removal of personal obstacles blocking that which needed to be revealed. Later, on the same day, during the placement of the master symbol of the Usui lineage of Reiki, I felt an incredible lightness — that is, weightlessness — as if I literally were floating on cloud nine.

And, by the last day of the class, that incredible lightness became even lighter, as if I were filled with Helium.

If you trust yourself the Universe will trust you!

The Universe is truly amazing and the power of connection and energy continues to blow my mind!

Once again this is another perfect example of the Universe working its Power and Magic and collectively gathering women who have the intention and purpose of living in truth and teaching others how to do the same by sharing their stories and their vulnerability!

When I was invited to be part of this book, I immediately knew intuitively the right publisher had found me and I trusted from the first email!

I had put the intention out in the universe about a year prior and it’s not by chance the opportunity showed up when it did!

I knew I would meet other authors and that they would be sharing their stories but I had know idea who!

When it was revealed who all my co-authors were I was blown away at the alignment the purpose and the power at all of these beautiful powerful women all uniquely different but energetically a strong similar vibration and intention!

My teaching to others is “Trusting your Intuition!”, and you can’t teach something until you have a strong practice with yourself first.

I am joyful at the trusting on this project! I don’t believe there are any coincidences and it is obvious and clear here, the energy behind this collaboration is for the greater good to inspire and raise the vibration of consciousness through sharing our own vulnerability and personal journeys!

Let your intuition always be in alignment with your truth and it will never guide you wrong!

With much love and gratitude,
Anne Marie

Discombobulated to Calm

Discombobulated to Calm

Do you think you have everything planned for the day ahead? How about the week ahead? That’s what I thought last week and then my whole week was upended by circumstances beyond my control.

Nothing terrible happened – just a LOT of stuff that kept coming up one thing right after the other. There was other people’s stuff that caused an interruption to my schedule—a sick child, a forgetful parent who needed help, noisy roofers up above with no prior notice, and someone simply unprepared for our time together. The reasons and excuses kept coming, and so I watched helplessly as my perfectly planned schedule got totally rearranged. I tried to roll and flow with it – but come on!

All this uncertainty really messed with the control freak in me.

I was discombobulated, out of sorts, and even a little irritated. I was in a bad place. Look, I have written about “perfect timing and divine order”, I’ve talked about it and did a webcast on this very topic. And yet, when uncertainty presented itself, when a monkey wrench was thrown into the mix, when I felt at a loss, and at the mercy of everyone and everything else, I caved. I let it get the best of me. I allowed myself to be consumed by the injustice of it all. I mean, come on, Universe! What gives?

And then, something happened.

A smile came to my lips and I began to chuckle. How could I let myself get so upset over this? It was just an interruption to my time. I was fine. The people I love are fine. I’m still alive and well. And so, I started to behave differently. I consciously shifted my awareness to the opening that was in front of me and took my mind to a place of calm. I did my best to breathe deeply, and I remembered a mantra I learned in a meditation class,

“In my uncertainty I find my security”.

I breathed in these words and made a decision—I decided to relax into it. What happened next was pretty amazing (and at the same time pretty predictable). The good news is I ended up getting a jump on other things. I rescheduled appointments to an even better time for me. I had time to relax, talk to friends and family, and organize my workspace. I had more time to cook, put in a new ventilation fan, go to the beach, spend some time shopping, go out for dinner, and relax! It was a little shift in thinking that I wish had come a few days sooner, and yet I am reminded that all things truly are in perfect timing and divine order. All is well.

Get comfortable with uncertainty. Possibility resides here.
Now, that’s Powerful!

Possibility be with(in) you,

We Are All Free

We are all free. We can do whatever we want and we can live from our heart’s desires if we choose. But do we?

Most of us are confined to the customs of relationships that wrap around us like a noose, providing little more than guilt and shame if we do not conform to them and the expectations they bring.  But have you ever asked yourself where these beliefs and customs came from, and if they are still relevant to you today?

The one thing we know for sure is that change is constant. So why is it that we try so hard to make things stay the same, such as in marriage? Why is it that we can not effortlessly “go with the flow” and embrace change as it comes? Why do we feel guilty and shameful when a relationship ends or “does not work” and why do we even call it failure in the first place?

If we were really awake we would know that life is about growth and change. Therefore, how can we grow without change? When a relationship ends, we should be as happy and elated as when it began. We should thank them for what they have given us and for the experiences of love. There should be no judgement or shame for a “failed” relationship. But instead we should be in a state of gratitude and love. Love for ourselves and for the other person for sharing themselves with us for however long.

Guilt, shame and blame are some of the biggest deterrents to love. It keeps us bound in an unsavory world. It keeps our energy low and fearful. It keeps us from trusting ourselves and others. If we think we have failed in relationships, it will stop us from trying anew. It will stop us from loving with open hearts.

I believe the only way to be healthy is to be “in the flow” and to be in “the moment.” Being in the present moment means being tuned-in to one’s feelings. The present moment is the only moment that is real. It is the only way to be true to one’s self. The moment you make a “binding” contract with someone is the moment you have lost your freedom, your truth and your ability to stay connected to your feelings. This is because if you place the contract above your feelings, you will no longer be true to yourself. It is impossible to know your future, therefore, how can you say “until death do we part?” This is an instant set-up for failure. Why would we do this to ourselves? I believe this custom has been determined by outside authority forces who want to control the people, such as religious powers, governments and other people of power. But power is for the people. It is not for others to decide what we do with our bodies, relationships or anything else. We are autonomous Beings. We are free. But only when we let ourselves be. The moment we allow the law to decide for us, is the moment we lose our power to choose. I am all for romantic celebrations of love. But let them congratulate the current moment. Celebrate with the awareness that life changes. And that change, when it comes, is also a good thing that can be celebrated.

I believe marriage can be a safe choice and was necessary in the past to protect certain peoples. However, if you live in a state of trust, both in oneself and the higher creative powers such as God/Source, then you know how to thrive, empower yourself and go with the flow. You know that the positive way you think, feel and act is what will actually keep you safe and protected.

Power lies within and it is something that can be enhanced with practice. Inner power and trusting your intuition will bring you to all of the right people, places and things. It will support you. But in order to be supported by this power you must learn to trust the current and not resist it. The only way to do this is to be “in the moment” with your thoughts and feelings. You must go inward, be still, breath in the everlasting light and follow what feels right in the moment. Then be aware that moment will eventually change. This is where most people get stuck. They want a good thing to last forever and so they brace against any incoming change. They try to protect what they once had a minute ago and defend it with their life, instead of breathing, trusting and knowing that all change is for the better. One must have faith and know that constant change is the path. And one must walk down the new path seeking positive change in order to bring it about. Enlightened behavior is understanding that there will always be change, staying relaxed throughout the change and seeking its deeper meaning and positivity around each and EVERY corner.

If we are to evolve as a human race we must begin to understand that the only way to succeed in life is to be open to change and not judge it when it arrives. We must recognize that one moment does not and can not dictate the future of our lives. But instead that each moment brings us to a new place and time. We must always be free to choose. This is the only way we can be true to ourselves. We must live from our hearts in the moment and constantly ask ourselves, “Is this relationship (or anything else) what we want in this moment?” Every moment counts. If you are spending time with someone out of obligation, there is nothing true or real about your moment, and this will bring severe dis-empowerment. It will create a relationship based on a lack of freedom and truth.

Is this world ready to live from the heart in the moment? What are your thoughts? Would the world suddenly hit pandemonium and be in a sate of anarchy? Or would it become a more truthful, honest and safe place to live? I believe the more acceptable change and being in the moment becomes, the more gratitude and love we will have.

By Robin Eagle Sage

Copyright 2018 Sage School of Light

Dolphin Channeling Video

Robin Eagle Sage was asked by a group in Poland to channel the dolphins. The following video is the result of that request and was featured at an art show in Poland. This channeling is heart-felt as the dolphins fill Robin’s heart with LOVE as they speak through her.

Robin Eagle Sage, Author, Medical Intuitive Healer, Channeler
Owner of Sage School of Light: Classes in Energy Reading, Healing and Spiritual Awakening

Love Is The Teacher

My fiance went on his bachelor camping weekend in Upstate New York last week. He left for the mainland almost two weeks ago. When he left, I was tending 3 out of 6 teensy weensy 6 week old kittens I discovered abandoned on the side of the road Memorial Day weekend.

When he left, I had rehomed three of them; three still remained. By the following Monday, they were all in their new homes.

I had conquered the kitten problem.

I thought to myself. “I’m really good fostering kittens.” I smiled. “What if everything in my life were that simple and easy?” I mused. “What if manifesting everything- clients, students, happiness, love, health- were as full of reverence and joy and as easy as finding homes for these amazing kitties? What if teaching and learning with humans could become this simple?”

I thought about this; what are the factors that made it possible for me to nurture six kittens (three of them black tigers- notoriously difficult to rehome due to superstition and difficulty in getting a good photograph) and find homes for all in under three weeks? And I thought, what made it possible for these kittens to figure out how to function when they did not have their cat mama to show them?

I thought about the role I played…

#1). I was very clear about what I wanted, and I set some boundaries and parameters on the experience- for my own- and the kittens’ safety and sanity.

I did not need to experiment in “figuring out” what types of cat parents I wanted to call in. I knew that I wanted to foster the kittens no longer than a month. I also wanted to find homes for them in people who were not abusive, unkind, or unloving towards cats.


#2). I knew what I wanted.

I wanted to see the kittens to get stronger and healthier and become empowered loving kittens.

I wanted to find homes for them where their humans were in complete love and reverence to and of them. AKA I wanted to rehome them with cat people. Not dog people. CAT People. Big difference there.

I believed that the creator would only send me people who were kind to animals.

#3). I believed 100% that these kittens would find homes. When my faith faltered, and there were moments, when, totally covered in kitten formula-or poop- I did feel as if it were never going to happen. It was in those moments, I forced my self to trust more. I took time to take care of myself. I went to the beach. I went for a walk. I folded laundry. I vacuumed. I prayed. I talked to myself and to creator, and honored my emotional and feeling experience as valid and valuable. And often, I cried.

#4). I showed up for my part in the co-creation. I took care of the kittens. Sometimes this meant waking up every three hours to feed them or help them relieve their tiny bladders, because mother cats typically take this role. It also meant holding them, keeping them warm, bathing them, and playing with them.

It meant taking action when action was needed and being accountable to my part in the lila (divine play) I was choosing to dance in by picking them up that Saturday night.

#5). I believed in the kittens’ ability to become awesome, kind, loving, and sweet cats. Now, I had no conscious idea of how any of this would go down; I have not spent time fostering kittens since I was a child, so the details were a bit sketchy for me at times- I never let that stop me from believing in them.

So when the time came- and as if by magic, it did for each of them (some were ready for rehoming right away- others chose to hang out with us for a little longer) and the kittens were healthier, stronger, were weaned, and I was compelled to post an ad on Craigslist, I did not wait. I acted.

Within an hour, a woman called. She was a widow who had recently moved and found a cat abandoned in her new house. “Angel” had just passed that weekend, and she was lonely, wanting new feline friends for companionship.

The woman came and adopted my two “favorites.”

I felt my heart sink as they left, knowing that they were going to a wonderful home and would be more than okay together. They would be loved.

The next one went to a conscientious family from the other side of the island who loves cats- the one after that to a woman and her son, in an apartment of cat people. The final two rehomed to an older cat and her human momma who had recently lost their feline buddy, were in grief and ready for new feline companionship.

Each time, saying goodbye stung. I knew that there was a very small likelihood I would never see these kittens again.

This got me thinking about whaT ACTUALLY happens we we teach someone something.

When students come into my life; they take up space and demand attention.  They bring their unique issues, challenges, ideas, beliefs, and experiences to “class.”

Let me tell you a little something: I am not a cat. Try as I might to lounge around all day snoozing and being cozy, I am very much a human.

Something really magical happened though when I was caring for these kittens. While each kitten had their unique personality-and developed at their own rate, the kittens learned how to go to the bathroom in the litter box by themselves. I CERTAINLY did not show them (how’s that for a ridiculous image!)

Some of the kittens would announce they were headed to the litter box, some would meep after they were done. All of them knew instinctively what to do, how to dig a hole, and what to do next.

Then, as if by magic, right when I was hoping they would start to wean, because I was not sure how much longer I could do the near-psychosis level of Sleep depravation, they weaned themselves, lost interest in milk and found their way to the food bowl.

It took a little assistance for some of them-at first- to help them remember where the food bowl was, and then they were weaned.

Some of them preferred to eat out of the bowl in my lap, while others opted for independent snacking.

“How did they learn this?” I thought to myself. It was not as if I showed them how to do it. So I watched them.

Some of it was learning by example. The bigger ones modeled for the smaller ones, and the smaller ones watched, but most of it was due to a combination of DNA instinct, curiousity and willingness to explore possibility, and the right conditions for them to do it in.

These kittens learned all this on their own. All they needed to learn how to wean, how to go to the bathroom, and how to find their forever homes was the right environment to grow into their best selves.

The two and a half weeks of fostering them flashed by.

In reality, I felt like I had very little to do with the whole scenario.

Now, I know what you are probably thinking. You are probably thinking, “Amy, you saved their lives. You had EVERYTHING to do with these kittens finding good new homes.”

My response is,

What other option was there, when three kittens scrambled, screaming, into the road at 9:15 PM, begging me for a ride. I did not question them coming with me for a second. I questioned keeping them in the house for a few moments in the first 24 hours, certainly. My fiance watched me burst into tears out of fear that the smallest of the kittens would die from a respiratory infection, and in those moments, I was not my best teaching self. In those moments, I was afraid for myself.

My time with these kittens reminded me of the potency of love as a tool for teaching and learning. Here I was, with this immense capacity to love another being; I had the means and the ability to give love to these kittens. It is not as if I were going to do something with all that love other than give it to someone, so why not these beings?

So, what about teaching, then? What happens when the conditions for learning are ideal?

A kitten intrinsically knows how to become a cat; they are not going to learn how to clean themselves from me (because, even though I love cats, I am partial to showers over cleaning myself with my tongue).

So what’s my role then, as foster mother, as teacher, as guide for my students?

It’s simple:

show up

be present

listen to the students’ needs

create- to the best of your ability- the ideal conditions for your students to remember how to be their best selves

In reality, as a teacher, you do not need to do much other than love your students.

The rest, well, it’s up to them, now, isn’t it?

Copyright: Amy J Hellman June 2017. For full article or more like it, visit: www.

The Powerful You! Movement WOMANiFESTO


There is a quiet and persistent uprising around the planet. It is pervasive in homes, communities and businesses. It is a gentle nudge and at the same time it is a gigantic push. There are hundreds – no, thousands – no, hundreds of thousands of women who are tapping into their personal power and who are now ready to unleash their passion and purpose on the world.

Who are these women? They are you and me. They are every woman who has a dream and a vision. They are every woman who has decided that she will no longer play it small to be safe and ‘fit in’. These women are the heart and backbone of our businesses, homes and communities. These women are ready to step into their power and be the women they were born to be. They are ready to open themselves to the world and to co-create the world as they wish it to be, as they envision it to be, as they know is good and right and true.

These women are ready to take on the world…and the world is ready for them.

And it all starts with YOU…

Continue reading about the movement, and join at:

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