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There are 3 ways to be Published with Powerful You! Publishing

Contribute Your Story to Our Next Collaboration Book

Collections of stories by inspired individuals. If you have a story  that has informed or transformed your life and you don’t want to write a whole book, this is the perfect fit for you. You’ll be published with 20+ authors who will be sharing the book with their aligned tribe.

~We'll Publish Your Book~
Guided Publishing System

You dream of publishing your own book and don’t have the time to commit to writing or you don’t know where to start. Using our Guided Publishing System, along with much of your existing content and message, you’ll be published with
joy, grace, and ease.

Create Your
Own Anthology

3d wings

Gather people you know and publish a book with them. Your aligned messages and stories make a beautiful book and all authors collaborate to share the good word. We handle all publishing details and guide the whole process so you don’t have to.

It’s Your Time to become a Published Author and
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We’ve helped more than 350 individuals achieve their dreams
of becoming Amazon Bestselling Authors.

We’d be honored to help you too!

About Powerful You! Publishing

It is our honor to have helped more than 350 women become published and bestselling authors. As publishers, we are here to assist you in fulfilling your dream of being a published author so you can do even more of the great good you’re doing in the world in a bigger, broader way.

Our mission is to raise the consciousness and vibration of people and the planet, and to connect and empower individuals in their lives. If you have an aligned mission, we’d love to be your publisher.

We’d love to be your publisher! If you have a story or message that will inspire, empower, encourage, and motivate others, then we want to help you do it. Please reach out to us. Getting published is faster, easier, and more valuable than you think—and complete, professional publishing services are more affordable than you imagine.

About Your Publishers – Sue Urda and Kathy Fyler

Sue and Kathy have been friends for 30 years and business partners since 1994. They have received many awards and accolades for their businesses over the years and continue to they love the work they do and the people they do it with. As publishers, they are honored to help people share their stories, passions, and lessons.

Their mission is to raise the vibration of people and the planet and to connect and empower women in their lives. Their calling has been years in the making and is a gift from Spirit.

The strength of their partnership lies in their deep respect, love, and understanding of one another as well as their complementary skills and knowledge. Kathy is a technology enthusiast, web goddess, and free-thinker. Sue is an author and speaker with a love of creative undertakings. Their honor, love, and admiration for each other are boundless.

Together their energies combine to feed the flames of countless women who are seeking truth, empowerment, joy, peace, and connection with themselves, their own spirits, and other women.

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