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  • Are you ready to step up in a bigger, more meaningful, & purposeful way?
  • Are you seeking a broader reach and more targeted exposure?
  • Do you want to help even more people with your message?
  • Do you dream of being a published author?
  • Is NOW the time to write & publish your book?

If you’ve answered YES, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re Experienced Professionals We’d Love to Help
and We Bring Joy, Grace, and Ease to the Process.

Imagine holding YOUR BOOK
in your hands. It opens doors for you, inspires and teaches people,
and fulfills your dream
of becoming an author.

You’re more ready than you know…. In fact, you’ve already got most of the content. We help ignite your creative process, tap your genius,
and stimulate the flow.

Follow our Guided Publishing Services
to write your book
quickly and with ease.
You’ll have the guidance of seasoned professionals.

We designed our Guided Publishing System to provide a roadmap for you
to write, publish, and launch your book professionally and for maximum impact.

We’ve simplified every step for you because we know how important your book is to you.

Do you realize that you might already have much of your book written?

Take it from us, writing a book doesn’t have to be an overwhelming, time-staking task. If you write articles, have a blog, keep a journal, or if you teach or mentor as part of your business, much of the material you’ve already created can be compiled, edited, and used as the basis for your book. We help you transform the time and energy you’ve already invested and design it into a book you’ll love and be proud of!

Maybe you’ve been thinking about writing a book for a long time. Maybe you’ve even started writing your book and didn’t get very far. Or maybe you’ve written lots of articles, journal entries, and blog posts over the years and simply don’t know what to do to connect and re-purpose your content. Or maybe you’re ready and you’re simply feeling overwhelmed by the publishing process. No worries! We provide all you need to get your book written, published, and out into the world!

Or maybe you have a new idea for a book – something you haven’t already written, taught, or spoken about. We will guide you to organize your thoughts and message, and get it into book form.

Our Intention is to connect and empower individuals in their lives
AND share the inspiration, motivation, and guidance of amazing authors.
If this resonates with you, we’d be grateful to publish your book!

What are the Guided Publishing System & How does it Work for You?

The Guided Publishing System is designed for you if you are ready to write your book – no waiting, no excuses, no more putting it off or just dreaming about it. The Guided Publishing System is designed for you if you are ready to write a book that will help you reach more people faster, position you as an expert, and uplevel your credibility and credentials. Our guided process is designed to provide a roadmap and professional guidance for you to make your dream of becoming a published author a reality!

This process is designed as a way for you to re-purpose your already-prepared content from courses, programs, classes, speeches, articles, journals, and blog posts into a professional and heart-felt book. Our niche for books includes personal and spiritual development, business growth, relationships, leadership, inspiration, and motivation. Your book will share your personal story, unique base of knowledge, and individual experience to guide and assist the goals and aspirations of readers. Our vision for you using the Guided Publishing System is that your book becomes an easy-to-read guide that is accessible, inspiring, and actionable.

Additionally, we publish memoirs, fiction books, workbooks, and all other works that are aligned with our own mission of epowering and connecting people in their lives and raising the vibration of people and the planet.

At Powerful You! Publishing, it is our goal and purpose to share wisdom and shine light, as well as provide learning opportunities through high quality books that our authors can be proud of.

LET’S TALK. We are happy to dicsuss your book ideas and our process with you, so we can decide together if we are a good fit. Please reach out to us by completing the Author Discovery Form below, and let’s have a conversation.

Your Guided Publishing Package Includes:

  • Our exclusive, Step-by-Step Guided publishing System
  • Editing, proofreading, and formatting
  • Cover design
  • Personalized back cover
  • Paperback, Hardcover, and Kindle layouts
  • Powerful You! Publishing imprint
  • Library of Congress, ISBN, & Copyright registrations
  • Author Announcement graphic
  • 3-D high resolution and internet-ready book cover graphics
  • On-demand training (public speaking, social media, sales growth)
  • Author promotions checklist
  • Must-have Author templates (press release, emails for interviews, etc.)
  • Distribution through Amazon, Ingram, and Powerful You!
  • Amazon category selection (for best Amazon ranking & visibility)
  • Amazon Author Central instructions
  • Personalized book page on the Powerful You! Publishing website
  • Author profile page on the Powerful You! Publishing website
  • Guidance and coordination of your complete project for professional appearance and content of final product
  • Royalties
  • Books

Book Specifications:

  • Full color cover, matte or glossy
  • Black ink inside (full color is optional)
  • Most popular sizes: 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”  or  6″ x 9″

Yes! All of this included in your Guided Publishing System Package.

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