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Mindfulness Monday Quick Hit #14 ~ Stop Your Busy: And Become Present Just Like That

Are you one of those people who has “to get to just one more thing” – constantly?

How about needing to be on-the-go all the time out of habit? Well imagine what it would be like if you could just STOP.

Stop the busyness and bring in the ahhhhhhh…

Photo Courtesy of Fabrizio Verrecchia

Most of us spend our time running around doing, doing, doing.

And while sometimes that makes us feel productive, important and needed – it sure doesn’t help us to feel grounded, clear or calm.


Do You Ever Just Stop?

Does it ever occur to you to just stop? Even for a moment.

It’s interesting how stopping changes your perspective on what seems so urgent.

And what really is so urgent or critical that you can’t stop, take a deep breath and become present?

Let’s be honest. Gratefully, for most of us there are very few occasions in our day, when our habitual running is actually averting pure disaster.

And it goes without saying, that you’ll be considerably more focused and effective if you do stop for that deep breath.


Here’s How To Stop & Become Mindful

So the next time you find yourself rushing –  use it as the perfect opportunity to become present and mindful by following these quick steps: 

  1. STOP dead in your tracks.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Really feelthat deep breath.
  4. Refocuson what’s in your field of vision.
  5. Groundyour feet.
  6. State to yourself  aloud “I am present”.
  7. Smile.(very important step)
  8. Move onto your next task.

The more often you’re able to practice STOPPING, the better you’ll feel.

Pretty easy. Can’t hurt to give it a try.


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Mindfulness Monday Quick Hit #1 ~ So Simple

Do you want to start your week off right?

Check out your Mindfulness Monday Quick Hit below.

  1. Step outside and feel your feet firmly on the ground.
  2. Close your eyes and take in a deep breath filling your lungs completely.
  3. Exhale gently and slowly open your eyes.
  4. Notice your surroundings – the air, sky, ground, plants, sounds.
  5. Recognize this feeling of calm centeredness.
  6. Take this feeling with you throughout your day.


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Thoughts on ‘Being Enough’

Everywhere we look, there is so much information about how to improve, to be better, to change, to beat the competition.  The other day, I was looking through a list of Women’s Empowerment books and the theme of having to ‘do more’ really stood out.

But what if you were actually perfect, just the way you are? What if there is nothing to add, just a few self-judgments to take away? When we were young children, we never doubted we were enough – that was a learned behavior; one we learned from society. We learned it from all the other people who also believe they are not enough, which they learned from the generations before them, and so it has gone, for far too long.

Here is a brief excerpt from the Galactic Council that they shared in a Transmission of Light. It is a message which reminds us of just how grand we already are.

“We wish for you to go back to the heart, back into that place of knowing self or maybe questioning self. You may call it either one. Go into that heart space and give yourself permission to be the wise, the grounded, the centered being that you truly are. In truth, you are these vast, wise, intelligent beings who have been crammed into these 3rd-dimensional bodies to have this physical experience. That is not who you are. That is a very small element of who you are. You are so much more than that, so much more wisdom, so much more light. It is time for that wisdom to take its next step of opening and awakening. That is not to say you forsake your precious body, rather honor all that you are, not just part of it.” 

If we are busy judging self and feeling the need to be fixed or improve, we are not able to settle honestly and authentically into our innate wisdom. Maybe it is time to just ‘be enough exactly as you are’ and finally surrender to your vastness, beauty and wisdom.

The year 2018 has been a year of Mastery. It is not about being or doing more, rather it is about recognizing our innate worth, as humans and as divine cosmic beings. That spark or soul, housed in our human container is pure magic, yet we are so focused on the perceived flaws in the container, we completely miss the magic of the spark that gives us life.

A brief affirmation that you may find beneficial is “I surrender all that I think I am, I surrender all that I think I know, I surrender to my beauty, my wisdom and my worth. I am perfect, whole and complete exactly as I am”. Of course you are welcome to add other things to surrender, however, I recommend you keep it simple and manageable. The more often you repeat these words, the more you will give yourself permission to ‘be enough’.

I challenge you to practice repeating this affirmation multiple times each day and notice if you are able to be more loving and gentle with yourself and others.

If you are feeling ready to surrender all the baggage you have taken on from the world around you, and truly be ‘enough’, then it is time to join me in the Galactic Council Inner Circle, where you will be immersed in the love and wisdom of spirit.

A Healthy Mind

When I was growing up, I remember observing my dad doing specific habits regularly.  Praying, meditating while listening to music, and reading.  At the time, I didn’t fully understand why this was a lifestyle for him.  I do know that it stuck with me.  When I had my own family, the reason became clear.   It gave him clarity in his thinking, wisdom in his decisions, and strength to navigate his life.

Naturally we wake up each day and have responsibilities before us.  We have deadlines, meetings, an agenda, and an array of events to attend to.  We have people that depend on us and people that we depend on to make these things happen.  Our bodies are being thrown in different directions and can bring physical exhaustion.  Sleep and food are the daily necessities and remedy that we have to have to function and keep up with all this.  Getting enough sleep and eating healthy are another whole conversation but are vitally important if our bodies are to function the way God intended them to.

What we fail to remember is that our “minds” need daily repair too.  Our mental health is just as important as our physical health.  We don’t realize to what extent until we lose them.

How do we keep our minds working the way God designed them to?  Strong and Healthy?

God gives us that answer in His word.  “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” Romans 12:12

  • Count our wins each day.  Thank our Heavenly Father for the goodness in our life.

  •  Pray for what or who is on our heart and minds that day.

  • Pick a scripture verse or devotion and meditate on it.

  • Trust Him with His plans for our family that day.

I can say without any hesitation that “Renewing my mind each day” has been the key to helping me navigate whatever comes my way in life.  I can’t imagine going one day without it.

In this journey together to learn and live out our authentic self,


Dolphin Channeling Video

Robin Eagle Sage was asked by a group in Poland to channel the dolphins. The following video is the result of that request and was featured at an art show in Poland. This channeling is heart-felt as the dolphins fill Robin’s heart with LOVE as they speak through her.

Robin Eagle Sage, Author, Medical Intuitive Healer, Channeler
Owner of Sage School of Light: Classes in Energy Reading, Healing and Spiritual Awakening


Shamanic Healing / Sacred Plant Retreats / Workshops

Shamanism: A Shaman is an individual that has access and influence in the world of the benevolent and the malevolent spirits.  During ritual or ceremony the Shaman enters into a trancelike state. In these altered states of consciousness they encounter and interact with the spirits world and channel these energies into this world. It is a technique of religious ecstasy, as Shamans they are the intermediaries / messengers between the worlds of human and spirit.

The Shaman enters a supernatural dimension and can mend the soul to treat illness, traumas, injuries, and ailments restarting balance and wholeness.  Shaman are spiritual beings with the ability to heal, work with energies and ‘see’ visions. The essential characteristics of shaman are mastery of energy and fire as a medium of transformation. Shamans have been credited with the ability to control the weather, divination, the interpretation of dreams, astral projection, and traveling to upper and lower worlds. Shamanism is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces or spirits that affect the lives of the living.

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation, the Shaman is the Medicine Woman or Man. The word originated among Siberian Tungus (Evenks) meaning S/He who knows.  Anthropologists coined the term Shamanism, and have used it to refer to the spiritual, ceremonial leaders among and ancient spiritual practices of these indigenous cultures.

Shamanism is the universal wisdom inherent to all indigenous tribes, where spiritual practices are rooted in nature, tapping into the power of Mother Earth.  Shamanism is concerned with the health all the people, animals, plants and all of life..The practice of Shamanism is to enlighten and heal using ceremonials that can include, mythic journey’s into the subconsciousness, drumming and rhythmic music, dance and movement, plant spirit medicine and mind altering drugs. Shamanism is the oldest worldwide spiritual practice, one shared by all our ancestral heritages. Shamans view the full spectrum of life – animals, plants, stones, earth, stars, ancestors, and dreams – as a living, spirit-based continuum.

Professional shamanic practitioners are highly trained through years of study, and are authorized by their shamanic teacher(s) to do client work when their training is successfully completed. They are trained to go into different realms and interact on the client’s behalf to assist in personal transformation through energy work, healing, and the transmission of information which they bring through into ordinary reality.

What are journeys, and what are remote journeys?  We attend to your concern(s) through taking a shamanic journey with a specific intent that we create together beforehand, and doing the work we are shown to do, with helpers.

What sort of concerns can journeys address? Really anything that is concerning you and your soul’s well-being. The work is healing, clarifying, inspiring, relieving, and transformative. Some people are working on themselves, getting or strengthening their connect with nature, with spirit, with their guides and helpers, releasing old patterns and fears, finding out about their purpose here on the planet, and so on. Some people are facing major turning points or crises. Some work is about a location, clearing or blessing a property or house, protecting or doing boundary work. It doesn’t have to be working through a crisis or healing major wounds or physical states, although it can be that too.

Do remote journeys actually work? Yes! They actually do, very much so. In fact, the client’s sentient experience of the work as it happens, and talking about what was happening on both ends afterwards is pretty conclusive. What follows from the work in the client’s life or in the situation shows that the work is effective. Changes and realizations continue, and continue.

Jane Del Piero
LOVE LIGHT Illuminator
LuvLight Alternative Health
Shamanic / Distance healing
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