Healing Diabetes the Esoteric Healing Way

By Bernadette Bloom

Healing Diabetes the Esoteric Way

Esoteric healing can help beyond what is offered from traditional medicine, especially when it comes to diabetes. Doctors are limited in what they can offer these patients, which is limited to medicine and suggestions on changes to a the patient’s diet. A different approach that can bring about greater results is Esoteric healing, which can supplement a conventional approach by looking at the root cause of the diabetes. A focus on why the person might have developed diabetes in the first place can be helpful. Then we can focus on integrating healing within the body energetically. There is hope for healing diabetes with this approach.


Esoteric Healing is an Eastern Philosophy from Tibet. Its creator, Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, we lovingly call “The Tibetan” or “D.K.” As an energy practitioner with more than 30 years’ experience working with this modality, which I also teach, I look to help as many people heal as possible using the skills and gifts I have developed from this work, where I have seen much healing, especially within diabetes. 


The Energetics of Diabetes


Esoteric healing looks at illnesses from root causes where something important that happened is seen as the driver of an illness. Several authors have looked at diabetes from this angle. For example, Louise Hay, in her book “Heal Your Body” states that a person with a diagnosis of diabetes has a “longing for what might have been, a great need to control deep sorrow and there is no sweetness left in their life.” Someone with diabetes can see if this rings true for them.


Another esoteric view of diabetes comes from Dr. Christian Page. In “Frontiers of Health,” she states that diabetes is a solar plexus issue that involves the pancreas gland. High levels of glucose in the bloodstream can’t pass into the cells and to be used as energy. In esoteric terms, without insulin or the ability to benefit from its presence, we’re unable to absorb and appreciate the sweetness of life.


Michael J. Lincoln, PhD, in “Healers Handbook for Practitioners,” notes that people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes have a desperate longing to belong, yet they are intensely emotionally insulated. They experience more social isolation without a supportive self-sustaining, self-nurturing pattern. They’ve turned to self-maintaining with loved substances such as carbohydrates, sugars, and pasta and their bodies become insulin resistant. If you know someone with diabetes, see if any of these descriptions ring true.


A last reference, from Carolyn Myss, in her book “The Creation of Health,” (co-written with Dr. Norm Shealy) says that diabetes is a disorder related almost entirely to issues of responsibility. These issues could include resentment over having to take over responsibilities for another person, such as children who may resent the demands of one or both of their parents, or resentment over having to take responsibility for oneself. Continually making excuses for the irresponsible behavior or attitudes of others—all these issues of responsibility then attack the pancreas gland, which can cause diabetes.


Client Stories


Diabetes is usually attributable to these circumstances. For example, one client I worked with had really brittle diabetes. She grew up in low-income family and she was constantly in the middle of struggles. The neighborhood kids were awful to her, and she was beaten up a number of times, which was traumatizing. No one defended her or stood up for her and she felt very alone growing up. Fast forward to her adult life where she’s now married with three kids. Her husband is the primary bread winner and her responsibilities centered around taking care of the kids, do the cooking and cleaning, and all the household chores, with very little to no support from her husband. She had no time to care for herself. Eventually they divorced and she now lives with her oldest son because she’s afraid to live by herself. This dependent relationship exacerbates her diabetes. 


Another diabetic client I had was a nurse. Her oldest child was in a nursing home, unable to take care of herself and therefore very dependent on her for support, both emotionally and physically. By the time we met, she was headed towards adrenal failure. She was on an insulin pump and her thyroid was failing. All that responsibility had been too much.


COVID has had its impact on clients as well. I’m currently working with someone who had set up his life to “work hard and play hard.” Two years after COVID had impacted his social life, he was diagnosed with diabetes, which he attributes to not being able to go out and travel, which had taken the sweetness out of his life. He tells me how bitter it has made him feel, like he’s trapped.


Getting a Session Started


To truly heal, an energy presence that doesn’t have the diagnosis of diabetes needs to be present. To generate this presence, I begin by aligning and attuning. A connection is made using the principle that “energy follows thought” to connect my soul and monad to the soul and monad of the client. Think of the monad as the first separation from the Creator. We align the personality to the soul and the soul to the monad. This allows us to become at one, or attuned, to the energy source of your understanding, whatever that is for you at that moment at that time. The monad is especially important because it does not have the imbalance that we call diabetes. Aligning and attuning is the first step I take in all Esoteric Healings. For those interested in developing this technique, feel free to listen to my YouTube video, the Antahkarana Rainbow Bridge Meditation. 


Diabetes and Esoteric Healing


Once aligned and attuned, I begin by balancing the chakras, with special consideration to those chakras related to diabetes. Most impacted are the solar plexus chakra, which is the seat of the emotional body, the heart chakra, which represents being true to yourself, the throat chakra, as relates to being unable to express yourself, and the Alta major minor (which is not a chakra but it’s a minor of major importance!). The Alta is located at the back of the head and deals with conflict, conflict, and conflict. When conflicts are not resolved they can create disease. Dis-ease is another way of saying “I am not balanced.”


Now I ask for client input. What have they been through that might have caused the diabetes? What are they looking to accomplish, what type of treatment have they followed so far, I’ll ask about medications and any other details that could have contributed or be exacerbating their condition. The most important part of this discussion is having the client get to the root of what was going on emotionally and mentally prior to the diagnosis. What upset did they have; what emotional or mental turmoil do they see. If they believe in the lifetime theory, I’ll ask what unresolved issues from a previous lifetime could be affecting this lifetime to create their current diagnosis.


Diabetes, and many other illnesses, are not just on the physical body, they’re also on the emotional body, the mental body, the personality, the soul and part of the spiritual body. In Esoteric Healing, the physical body is the last to heal. Once we are aligned and attuned, I balance all the chakras, on all levels. This includes physical, emotional, mental, personality, and spiritual. Next, I will rebalance the chakras by adding in rays. Rays come from the Creator or Source Energy and each chakra has a corresponding ray. The basic chakra is ray seven. The sacral is ray five. The solar plexus is ray six; the heart is ray two and the throat is ray three. The Alta major minor, which is a minor of the throat chakra, is also ray three. 


Continuing to balance the system


Next is the nervous system, which is the first part of the physical body that receives energy. Organs of processing are important to balance as they are the last place to receive energy. I balance the liver, the gallbladder, the duodenum, the stomach, and the small and large intestines as a lot of emotions get trapped in these areas. Most people have too much information that cannot be processed and it gets stuck in our physical body. Esoteric Healing helps clear it. I continue with the solar plexus and then balance the pancreas gland. I balance each structure on the body and on the head. Energy on the head is very fine and is the energy of the soul. This energy is stronger than the energy on the body. It’s also faster. I will often balance the body, then the head, then check back in on the body.


Energy Triangles


Energy triangles are specifically used based on client needs. Triangles, geometrically speaking, are one of the strongest structures on the planet. They are formed using a chakra and two minors. Chakras have 21 lines of energy or nadiis and minors have 14 lines of energy. I begin with the courage triangle for diabetes. This is the basic chakra and the knee minors. I balance it on all levels, times, dimensions, and realities. Someone might have great courage in their work but require courage in another area such as their relationships. The client, in our initial discussion, has identified three items that are really bothering them. In order to truly heal their diabetes, something must change surrounding these issues. That requires courage.


Diabetes-specific Energy Work


Next are a variety of triangles and other processes for a diabetic-focused session:

·         For confusion: C1 and C2 balanced with the Alta

·         The expression triangle: Throat chakra to the neck minors, shoulders, elbows, and hands. This encourages people to be express themselves rather than keeping things inside. The shoulders represent our guilts, burdens, and responsibilities and people with the diagnosis of diabetes often feel suppressed with a lot of burdens and responsibilities. Many of them are typically illusions that can be dispelled.

·         To change the way they think I work on the frontal lobes. The occipital lobes help to process things differently and the eyes help see the truth. Ray 1 energy, spiritual will and power, can help them to see, hear, observe, and know the truth.


I will use what they said is bothering them to help take the trauma out of their body. I have the person think about the trauma, which I do as well. I can feel the chakras get really, really small when this happens. I keep going, back and forth and back and forth, using the above protocol until the client  and I feel a shift. They will say things like “Oh my God, I feel lighter,” or “It feels neutral, not heavy and I’m even having a hard time focusing on it.”


We have now removed the trauma, but we need to put something in its place, as nature hates a void. I will add a higher vibration to replace the trauma. I balance the heart chakra to the breasts for self-nurturing. I’ll rebalance the spleen since the spleen brings energy in from the Creator and the planet. I’ll do the Vitality and Prana triangles as well.


Closing out a Session


I work on their spine so they feel supported. To help them hear, listen, and act on spiritual guidance I will balance the ear minors using first the Ajna, then the throat chakra, then the Alta. Do they require more courage to change what isn’t working in their lives so they can create good health? If needed, I will repeat the courage triangle on all levels, times, dimensions, and realities.


The grounding triangles help people ground in what they need to do. The sacral chakra forms the triangle with the hip minors, knee minors and feet minors. I sometimes draw on the Central Channel, which is the connection from the heart chakra down to the center of the earth and back again so a client will really feel rooted and supported in their purpose to change.


Other options, depending on the client, include the triangle of fusion, which is the soul light, the Ajna, and the heart. Or the triangle of alignment, which is the crown, the Ajna and the heart.


Triangle of being, the crown, Ajna and basic chakra and the triangle of becoming, crown, heart center, and basic chakra allow you to be in the moment and become who you need to become.


Healing Diabetes is Possible


Using the techniques listed, I have seen great results on many clients. One client was able to cut her insulin pump in half and reverse the adrenal failure. Another was able to eventually stop her thyroid medication and she was able to reassess and improve her relationship with her daughter. I have many similar stories of healing, which is a wonderful feeling for clients, and and inspiration for me as well.


As a person begins their journey to heal the diagnosis of diabetes, they will need support to change their lives and their relationships with people, places, and things. They will need the courage to look at things differently. At the end of each session, I add higher and higher vibrations of spiritual energy to support them their journey at that moment at that time. I visualize spiritual love and wisdom coursing through their body and in their bloodstream. Spiritual love and wisdom pulsing through the body can help the person transform and change. It is allowing them to be lovingly supported every step of the way. 


A healing card from Dr. Carolyn Myss that I particularly love as it relates to this work states that “God didn’t create any illness without also creating a remedy.” Today, try to view every experience as a blessing and a remedy that serves your well-being. Your healing path already exists within you, and I can help you find it. May the highest and best prevail. I remain yours in loving service to the work. 


Bernadette Bloom is a Medical Intuitive, Holistic Physical Therapist and Teacher and Practitioner of Energy Medicine based on the writings of D.K. from Tibet. Bernadette has studied Osteopathic principles since 1988, Tai Chi, and Shamanism. Her practice blends both Eastern and Western traditions. Bernadette has been an Energy Medicine practitioner since 1992 and has been teaching since 1999. She is the only Esoteric Healing teacher in the N.Y. tristate area. She teaches classes and has private clients throughout the world. Her vision is to serve the world and to empower as many people as possible in their life and health.

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