Love Note/Client Testimonial

By Christine L. Barlet

“I absolutely loved working with Christine.  She was so easy to talk to.  Our time together was fun and fulfilling.  What made Christine stand out was her dedication to her work, and her extreme professionalism.  I loved how organized she was. I decided to work with Christine because she has a passion for learning about wellness.  That really resonated with me and helped us connect on a deeper level. Christine was such a support for me. She just listened to me with gentleness.  I felt heard and respected.  However, she was also good at helping me stick to my goals.  She kept me on track with all that I wanted to accomplish.  I’m very grateful for that.  It’s so nice to have someone hold you accountable as you make the changes that you want to make to move forward. Christine also reminded me to take breaks and recharge.  That was such an important reminder, and Christine gave me the permission that I needed to do that.  Through working with Christine, I discovered that I am a highly creative and sensitive person.  I’m thankful for meeting Christine and having the opportunity to work with her.”  ~ Lina L.~

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