The Great Resignation and Age of Aquarius Pave the Way for Our Abundant Future

By Brooke Rowe

Still noticing the massive amounts of businesses that are understaffed and questioning how life will be when this astronomical low unemployment rate is a thing of the past? That isn’t happening anytime soon, but the uplifting news is that there’s a major economic transformation underway that, if understood in energetic terms, can result in you living more freely and abundantly in every aspect of your life. My intention is to offer you a spiritual and energetic approach that you can use to navigate these uncertain times with more ease.

Despite the astrological debate, I believe we are now living in the Age of Aquarius and that Aquarian energy is contributing to the world changes we have been and are still experiencing today. “Age of Aquarius” refers to the astrological period during which the Sun, as viewed from Earth at the time of the vernal equinox, appears in the zodiacal constellation Aquarius. Astrologers believe major changes in developments on Earth relating to public affairs, culture, and society are influenced by the astrological sign associated with the age at that given time.

Warning: This inevitable experience will be more challenging for those with an unhealthy attachment to money and an unwillingness to view it from a different perspective.

Why is everyone quitting?!



The past few years have been historically record-breaking for the job market as millions of people quit their jobs. The Great Resignation is still going strong today in 2022 and is expected to continue. People resign for several reasons, but two mentioned here are toxic corporate culture and low wages. Some employers raise pay to attract needed employees, while others unethically expect their current staff and new hires to fulfill many roles for minimum income. Meanwhile, the inflation rate continues to skyrocket. This proven recipe for an unhealthy work-life balance is served to you on a silver platter while the employer bets you’ll succumb to fear before the plate tarnishes enough to where it’s no longer desirable. As your fears surrounding how you’re going to provide, maintain your current lifestyle, and change your source of income cascade until you feel the tightness in your body, the bank accounts of top management positions seem to go untouched. Sounds familiar right? The question is how to change this dynamic.

Incidentally, that is how negative energy works in EVERY scenario. It spirals in a ghostly manner before you even realize it’s overshadowing the clarity you once had. Anyway, demands from the top trickle down until you expend all your energy reaching the production rate that’s set to financially benefit them the most. When you’re spent with no energy to enjoy the simplest things in life, people in leadership roles pretend to appreciate you. However, you know, you can feel that the praise is not genuine. That is unethical, and how have we as a society let it get this far? “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. By craving it, some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows” (1 Timothy 6:10, BSB). Now of course this isn’t true for every corporation and its employees, but millions of people are fed up with working this way, just to live. The recipe for self-sacrifice and separation has been handed out since the Industrial Revolution, also a time Aquarian energy was a major influence. How society functioned changed forever with the development of new inventions and advancements. Unfortunately, the greed for money and power soon settled in, and now here we are today lacking integrity and equality. The Great Resignation indicates that people have undergone a mass awakening and are now ready to collectively make a change again, and stand for something that benefits us all, even if they don’t yet know what that tangibly looks like.


What does all this have to do with the Age of Aquarius?


Let’s dive into Aquarian traits relevant to this topic. As a fixed sign, Aquarius is not easily influenced by outside sources and does not conform until it has decided to do so on its own accord. This energy is futuristic and analytical, focusing on solutions instead of problems. It applauds individualism, justice, and equality for all beings. Aquarius is free-spirited, independent, and social. It encourages others to embody their uniqueness and authentic self. It’s inventive and technological and pushes for interconnectedness, hence the massive influx of all things digital in the past several years including Cryptocurrency and Zoom meetings. This energy is rebellious and revolutionary, proud to march to the beat of its own drum. Aquarius is a progressive and visionary sign that is a great communicator and mostly engages in higher-order thinking.

It seems the millions participating in The Great Resignation are making an obvious statement that rebels against the old way of working and are cheering for an economic revolution that promotes humanitarianism in its simplest form. Aquarius is paradoxical, so it’s not surprising that this astrological age is simultaneously concerned with individualism and the collective. It’s interested in the larger scheme of things and how each individual can independently contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.

Spiritually speaking, the pandemic was the catalyst that forced many to re-evaluate and re-prioritize the meaningful things in life, while concurrently breaking away from limiting beliefs and attachments we have identified with for centuries that separate us from our Highest Self. The Age of Aquarius will be the underlying force that continues to unveil and break down the current social institutions that are no longer sustainable. It will be the impetus that carries us into a harmonious future with the foundation being the interconnectedness of our individualism.


We are designed to THRIVE, not strive!
How can we tap into this revolutionary energy and create a more promising future for generations to come? It’s imperative to understand we are Spiritual Beings designed to use our physical body to do good, to feel good, to do what we incarnated here to do, AND to THRIVE while doing it. We are not here to merely survive. What sense does it make for us to use our miraculous minds and bodies to dreadfully arrive at a job we don’t enjoy, come home irritated, absent-mindedly feed ourselves and family, get an hour in for relaxation before bed, all to repeat 5 days or more each week? Wouldn’t it be more productive to get paid doing what we love plus live in abundance in every area of our lives? When you understand and embody your distinctive design and choose to co-create with the omniscient omnipresent energy that surrounds us, whether you call that God, Source, the Universe, etc., you start being of service to others just by Being You and walking in Your Light. Rest assured God will unlock doors in the forms of opportunities, relationships, and situations that will lead to your next step, that if taken will bring the happiness and freedom you desire. When you walk in the assignment that was already created for you by You, even authority will be given where it is due. This is living in your power, an internal state of being, and this is where you THRIVE. You will be abundantly compensated in all aspects of life including financially.

When you know God as Source Energy, you understand money as an energetic exchange. Your foundation regarding financial stability strengthens as your ability to reside in, trust and honor your own energy fortifies. As we do this collectively while honoring ourselves including our boundaries, as well as all others in equal measure, we change the dynamics of our entire environment as we know it today. We raise the vibration, consciousness, and frequencies of Earth until we are all living from a place of Agape Love, where greed does not exist. It’s important to note here that using money to gain positive life experiences over more mundane items and giving as you receive will be necessary. (The topic of giving and receiving requires a separate post.) To contribute to Earth’s elevation, tap into the Aquarian energy and stop acting how everybody but yourself told you to act, beginning from childhood. This takes introspection and inner child healing (details also saved for another post). Stop participating in unjust, unethical, ungodly practices. Stop doing so much, which has the same energetic essence of completing a dreadful task and is focused on the outcome. Instead, get grounded in the action of just being. This is when you are focused on the process and are mindfully present, comfortable in your own skin, knowing this is You. “Be Still and Know that I Am God” (Psalm 46:10).


The Path to Abundant Living!
Essentially, we have to get real with ourselves and True Nature. There is abundance all around us, nature is naturally abundant, and we have to work with it, not against it! “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33). From a mystic’s knowing, God dwells within you, as God dwells outside of you. What do you imagine the kingdom of God to be? Blissful, loving, prosperous? Whatever you imagine that kingdom to be, it’s already inside You. Getting real with yourself requires you to strengthen and maintain that relationship with the God in you, your Godself. What makes you feel expansive, limitless, and free? What brings you more joy and the feeling of unconditional love? Whatever it is, devote more time to presently engage in the activity. It doesn’t need to be complex; it can be as simple as dancing, spending time with your favorite person, or playing a musical instrument. If you’re struggling with knowing what brings you happiness, there’s needed work to be done on your relationship with your Godself. You will have to turn off the TV, stop scrolling, and look within.

Dedicating time each day to a meditation practice and/or breathwork exercises that work for you will start to build this relationship. The stronger this relationship, the smoother your life flows with more fulfillment. The limitations we’ve become unconsciously attached to start revealing themselves for what they are, and they are not of God. The more you detach from them and learn to stop doing so much, the more will be done through you. Then cultivate this relationship by seeking “his righteousness” and acting with integrity in every given circumstance. God’s righteousness is Peace. Peace and confidence are within you. Seek to live in a state of forgiveness, not blame. Seek to consistently live in joy, not anxiety or worry. God is courageous. Seek faith and live as Your Inner Knowingness, not fear or doubt. God is Love. Seek humility and act with patience and compassion.

Be in a constant state of gratitude.

As you constantly live the Truth, inspirations that lead to your purpose will effortlessly flow into your consciousness. They can sometimes be very subtle, and you will have to trust your intuition. When you act on these inspirations, facing adversity with fearlessness and resiliency, the Universe will conspire with you so “that all these things will be added unto you.” For you are becoming more in alignment with your True Nature, and God wills that to continue. And “all these things” mean ALL the things that support you in thriving…including the health, home, money, and relationships. These will be given to you in abundance in ways you cannot imagine, that exceed your expectations, for that is the co-creating role of the Universe.

Allow money to be a reflection of your relationship with Yourself.

Do you doubt your partner in co-creation knows what you need or does not want you to have everything to succeed while living your purpose given to you by God in the first place!? If any part of you answered yes, that’s an opportunity to strengthen your faith. This returns to how the Aquarian energy can be supportive at this time. This zodiac air sign is the expert in metaphysics. Instead of needing to see prior to believing, Aquarians understand the importance of, and are comfortable with, believing until seeing. Take that to another level in which KNOWING is more powerful than believing. And isn’t that what faith is?

Believing in yourself, at this time, is more crucial than ever. Embracing your individuality is a prerequisite. Knowing you are not alone and that there’s an unseen force you must work with is a requirement. Explore all the ways you find enrichment and expand upon your passions. Live in integrity, and when the guidance comes, be courageous and march to the beat of your own drum. Trust within yourself lies gifts to share that support the foundation of New Earth the Age of Aquarius is paving the way for and share them. This has the power to heal the world and break us free from our self-imposed chains.

-Brooke Rowe, RMT

Though I’m not an Astrologist, the topic has always been my favorite topic. My Sun sign is Aquarius and I’m thrilled to be experiencing the beginning phases of the Aquarian Age. 

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