An Outrageous Thought Becoming Manifest A VERY Salty PSA – “U Empath You” is about to be out in the world!

By Rebecca Saltman

I am sure many of you have heard things like “thoughts become things” or “9 Steps to Manifest What You Really Want in Life” Or even the popular meme “Shut Up I’m Manifesting” 

Have you ever experienced a “dream come true”? I have to say it is truly a surreal experience when you are able to pinpoint a moment in time when you had a truly outrageous thought that then becomes manifest into reality.

Such is the origin story of our Anthology book (an amazing collection of 20 authors), coming out this week, Thursday April 28th 2022. 

You see “U Empath You” quite literally popped into my head while in my “walking phase” during the first fall of the pandemic, October of 2020 to be exact. This girl, unable to swim, was walking sometimes 8 miles a day. I listened to many podcasts, books on audible, called friends and even had epic meetings on my walks. 

One October day, I even remember the exact location, a thought popped into my head, “Call Jade you need to work with her around Empaths” HMMMMMMM, REALLY?!?!

Okay, I will pause here for a moment because some of you are wondering why Rebecca is hearing voices in her head (does she need her head examined or something more serious?!?!?) Perhaps you are just incredibly skeptical OR most likely have absolutely no idea what an Empath actually is.  Please hear me when I say, I have thought all of these things and many more (and worse) which is why I am writing this morning.

To pick up our story again, I was “compliant” and I took out my handy Iphone, dialed Jade and she was kind enough to pick up the phone! So I explained, I had “a thought” we are supposed to work on something to do with Empaths together. Jade, being her incredible self, never questioned the thought or where it came from, she only asked, “what are we supposed to do with Empaths?” At that moment I literally had NO IDEA. Seriously WTF!!!!

The good news? As we started to talk about it Jade had some “easy” thoughts of how we could start and we began a Facebook group and 30 days of practices for Empath’s leading up to the holiday’s (especially in a time of being in lockdown). Without ANY advertising we had more than 100 people in our group and all sorts of people joined that I never imagined would “identify” as an Empath.

After that fun game, we paused for a moment and the group grew. 

In January of 2021 I was invited to join a new talk app in beta testing called Clubhouse. It seemed really fun for me especially in the time of all zoom calls where although you could be wearing sweatpants, people could see your face, AND as I am sure you are all well aware that is exhausting! “Clubhouse is a new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.” So once again I called Jade and asked her if she would be open to extending our Facebook group and  starting a Clubhouse club. Of course Jade and her amazing self said sure! We have been hosting a weekly clubhouse chat every Thursday since February of 2021. Some weeks we have five people, some weeks it is 25 people. What I know is that every week I learn something amazing from fellow Empaths so we keep doing it :-)!

At about the same time as we started on Clubhouse (separate track) I was asked to be a part of an anthology book called “Women Living on Purpose” by a delightful friend of mine Kathy Sipple. I had been dreaming about ways to be published and this LITERALLY fell into my lap. Kathy introduced me to the extraordinary team at Powerful You! Publishing (Sue Urda an Kathy Fyler) and viola, I was on track to becoming a published author! In June of 2021 “Women Living on Purpose” was published and became an Amazon #1 International bestseller! SOOOOOO back to this idea of manifesting outrageous thoughts, I TRULY didn’t see this one coming!!!

During the process of working with Powerful You! Publishing, Jade and I discussed a REALLY outrageous thought, what if we create an anthology of Empaths? What would that look like? So last summer we started having conversations with Sue and Kathy and in the early fall of 2021 we got to work in earnest collecting the stories of Empaths from throughout the world. 

WE HAD NO IDEA WHAT WE HAD JUST GOTTEN OURSELVES INTO…. AND it has been (at least from my perspective) one of the biggest growth opportunities for me. With ALL sorts of twists and turns “U Empath You” is being launched THIS THURSDAY APRIL 28th 2022. I have learned SO MANY AMAZING THINGS, we even produced a book trailer you can see here: 

So back to the title of this Salty PSA, I had this crazy A$$, OUTRAGEOUS thought in October of 2020 that has become manifest in SEVERAL forms that I couldn’t even imagine, and here we are in April of 2022 with a book with my name on the cover, HOLY OMG!!!

So I need to ask you, what are you dreaming of, thinking about or what thoughts have just popped into your head? Maybe they are your deepest dreams that can be made manifest. Let me tell ya, if I can do it so can you!!!

PS If you are at all interested, U Empath You launches this Thursday April 28th and you can see all of the details here: 

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