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No Balance = No Satisfaction, No Success

Tired of chasing success & satisfaction? Not sure what you’re doing wrong?

Our research shows that most women are following the wrong strategies as they work tirelessly to achieve success and satisfaction. In fact, our studies reveal that most of you are working against yourselves. Ouch!

When you follow your proper human design strategy, and you make sure that your Mind, Body & Spirit are all strong and in alignment, then you’ll start experiencing the results you envision with less effort. I know this firsthand, as I’ve been personally experimenting all year, and am eager to share this info it with you!

Consider this:

Your mind can be the LEAST HELPFUL tool in your toolbox unless you know how to train it and control the negative thinking that overtakes it. When you use it for your benefit, it’s quite powerful, but most people simply rehash the same negative thinking over and over, and then expect their life/business situation to change. Get a handle on your mind, and you’re much closer to achieving your goals.

But that’s not all –

Your body is Command Central for your entire life.

And while we know we need it to exist – it literally supports us – often we either ignore or even abuse it. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You’re a spiritual being in a human body,” and so your body (often called “the body temple”) enables your Spirit to exist and move freely through life. It provides you with not only needed energy to live your day powerfully, it’s also one of the best decision-making tools on the planet. Think about how many times you’ve said “It doesn’t feel right” or “Yes, that feels like a good idea.” The only place we actually feel things is within our bodies, which provides invaluable wisdom and knowledge. However, if you’re disconnected from it, you’ll miss these precious signs.

Some wonder how in the world Spirit can help in business. First of all, when we say “Spirit,” we’re referring to something you cannot see, that is larger than you, that you can access for support. To you that may be “God,” “Nature,” “Universal Intelligence,” “Jesus,” Buddha,” etc. What you call it does not matter; what matters is that you call upon it. Plugging into this Source provides access to intuition, resourcefulness, serendipity, flow and trust. It’s like connecting your electrical cord to the outlet in the wall; instantly you’re provided with power, energy, and flow.

If you’re feeling out of balance, or you’re not sure what’s wrong, take our quick Something’s Missing Quiz to find out. At the end you’ll get a bonus First Aid Kit customized to help you strengthen whatever’s off in your system.


When to Break the Rules

breakrules-300x290A few questions for you:

Where have you been following the rules – in life or in business – even though there’s a part of you that knows it’s not good for you?

What have you been doing that just doesn’t FEEL right, even if:

1. Everyone else is doing it or

2. Some highly respected authority tells you, you should?

For me, 2016 has been a year of rule breaking. Of shedding the yoke of indoctrination and walking away from “proven” systems that I’m told will lead me to my pot of gold.

See, the rules I was following made me feel like I was standing on a street corner, wearing a chicken suit, hawking my wares. To me, this whole internet marketing thing feels like it’s one big Kmart Blue Light Special.

Can anyone relate?

That’s how I’ve felt for a while now, especially when I’ve followed what the “experts” say I should do.

chickenSo instead, I’ve removed the shackles, turned within, and discovered what really lights me up and feels authentic and I’m building my business/life from THAT place instead. Now, don’t get me wrong – from time to time we need expert advice for things we actually don’t know how to do – but then we must take the crucial step of making sure those steps feel in alignment with who we are. Otherwise you’re just wearing the chicken suit.

If you feel you’re working way too hard following all the rules and you still can’t find your pot of gold, then rest assured there’s a MUCH EASIER way to go about building your life/business.

To Breaking the Rules!

Let’s get you firing on ALL pistons, so that you not only survive the fickle tides of the marketplace, but you also create the sacred business & life that you deserve.


Tired of chasing success & satisfaction? Not sure what you’re doing wrong?

The Something’s Missing Quiz will reveal exactly why you may be feeling frustrated or bitter about your business/life.Answer a few brief questions to find out where you’re off/what’s wrong, and then receive a customized First Aid Kit that will help you tweak a few things to create more satisfaction and success.

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The Four Principles of Spirituality

There are four principles of spirituality that apply to everyone. The way we choose to reflect upon them or understand them in our day to day life can help us find the “higher” perspective and wisdom hidden behind our experiences and challenges. Here is my interpretation of these principles and the way we can apply them in our lives. They are like triggers that lead to inquiry, awareness and action to bring about positive life change. For each principle I have added an affirmation and how to bring in the power of angels to help us.

The first principle states “Whomsoever you encounter is the right one”


No one comes into our life by chance. Everyone who is around us ( or was a part of our past and all those who are yet to come into our lives) are there for a reason. Everyone has or is contributing something to our lives. There are no coincidences. There are no wrong choices as everyone is a teacher who carry within them the gifts to help us learn our life lessons. So stop looking back or looking around and judging yourself or others for the right or wrong. No choice was wrong. No relationship was wrong. Because the lessons were ‘right’ there. There is no duality.
When faced with a challenging relationship or a person who constantly irks you or triggers you – Ask yourself – what is this person trying to show me? Which aspect of me is reflected back at me? What is the gift (life lesson) in this? Take the gift, learn the lesson, you have the power, don’t give it away.

Affirmation : I choose to see everyone in my life as a divine teacher and for that I am grateful. I look for the gift(s) in any challenge so I may learn my life lesson(s). And so it is.

Work with the Angels : Call upon Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raziel to help you see the underlying lessons. Surround yourself with a pink light bubble and call upon Archangel Chamuel to open your heart and fill it with divine love and compassion for yourself and the other(s).

The Second Principle states: “Whatever happened is the only thing that could have happened”

Processed with MOLDIV


How many times have you re-imagined a scenario, replaying it in your head – if only I could have done it differently, chosen different words etc. If you could have, you would have. There is no point playing the blame game with yourself or the others. If only… Is a waste of time. Because the only thing that could have happened has happened. Singular and past tense.
Instead if you focus your energies on finding the gift in that situation, you will be able to see what you need to learn from what happened. Look at the root, at the cause. Instead of judging yourself or the other(s) look at what caused the behavior or the situation. Look at the triggers. You will gain a different understanding of it.
Affirmation: I trust the process of life to bring me my highest good. I choose to love myself as I learn from my experiences and give myself the space to grow.

Work with the Angels : Call upon archangel Chamuel and archangel Raphael –
Dear archangel Chamuel, please help me fill my heart and the heart(s) of those involved with love. Archangel Raphael please heal any hurt or imbalances that may have been caused to me or the other(s) because of what happened. And now I surrender it completely to evolve for the highest good of all. Please bring to my awareness what I need to learn from this. Thank you.

“Each moment in which something begins is the right moment” is the third principle of spirituality.

Processed with MOLDIV


When I look at my life, in retrospect:) everything did happen at the right time! But when I was still on the other side, living through the experiences, I was living on a self imposed timeline. I had my shoulds – by this time, this should happen, this should end and this should begin.

Once we let go of the shoulds and start living our lives from a space of divine timing and flow with life – each moment becomes right. Each moment can have only one meaning – only one experience and we can start living that moment more fully because we are not trapped in “this is how it should be”.

Everything begins when we are ready to receive it. So if you want something in your life, look at the blocks, look at your underlying beliefs and ask yourself – Do I really want this? Or I want it because I ‘should’ want it? I believe that God won’t leave you wanting – it will be provided to you when it’s right and ripe. And when you can appreciate it.

Affirmation: Everything I need comes to me in divine time and perfect sequence. I live every moment fully knowing that this moment is perfect and holds the right experience for me.

Work with Angels – I now call upon archangel Michael to help me let go of all my shoulds! I write down all my shoulds on a piece of paper and tear it – energetically seeing it burn in Archangel Michael’s fire. Thank you Michael!

What is over, is over.” This is the Fourth Principle, the final one.

Processed with MOLDIV


It’s simple. Anything coming to an end in your life has served its purpose. We tend to hold on to people, stay in relationships that have lost meaning, we choose the familiar because acknowledging that it’s over would mean that we will have to get out of our comfort zone. It would mean taking a step that would be uncomfortable – maybe that’s a step you never thought you would be taking in your life ever – it’s beyond your own expectations, hopes and the way you imagined your life to be.

So many times even when we know it’s over, we are still holding on to it. We are holding on to the past or a future which does not serve us. Take a pause and look at your life – what is over? And am I over it?

Affirmation : As I close one door, a new door opens for me. As I leave behind what does not work for me, I create space for the new and meaningful to enter. I am ready now.

Work with the Angels – I call upon archangel Michael to give me the courage to close doors and move on. I ask archangel Chamuel to surround me in love and help me find my path ahead.

Dear Archangels Michael, Chamuel, Gabriel and Zadkiel

Please help me leave behind the things that are now over. Let me leave behind the pain, any negative emotion that was caused to me and/or other(s) and help me forgive myself and the other(s). I now move on with grace, dignity and great peace knowing that what lies ahead of me is what I need to focus upon and live. Thank you.




When the Earth Moves in Mysterious Ways…

While Carole King’s classic song was about romantic bliss, I think her “I Feel the Earth Move” idea can be applied in a broader sense, to describe the unpredictable transitions we experience in business and in life. Recently I’ve been undergoing a few of those myself – reevaluating pretty much everything from how I run my business to what I want in my personal life – and so I feel particularly well-versed on the topic today.

So what do you do when you feel the earth move, the rug pulled out from under you, when it feels that the sky is ‘a tumblin’ down?

Here are a few of my most trusty tools for when “The Times They Are A’Changin’”: *


  1. “The only thing you can count on is change.” That pearl of wisdom was given to me by my mother, a real visionary spitfire when she was alive (talk about a true Lucille Ball!) So don’t let the unexpected blindside you or even surprise you; just brush yourself off and say “Oh, right…this again…okay here we go….”
  1. Look for the gift. I know this is a hard one…sometimes really, really hard. But trust me…IF you look hard enough, you WILL find it. I’ve been amazed at the ah ha’s and wow’s that have landed when I stopped long enough to ask “What was up with THAT?!” There are no accidents; we attract exactly the experiences we need in order to grow and evolve into the bright and beautiful beings we’re meant to be. Approach life’s surprises with gentle curiosity. Try saying: “Okay, I know there’s a lesson in here…I can’t see it right now…in fact I’m still mad/sad/shocked…but help me open up to the lessons so I can heal what needs to be healed and be a stronger force for good in the world.” Okay, true – I can’t alwaysget there immediately, but I always get there at some point. And the lessons are utterly miraculous.
  1. Reach for the tribe. I have a rule with my family and clients: no one’s allowed to suffer alone. There’s no need to. When in transition, connect with those who love you, warts and all. It heals. It makes you laugh at yourself. And it gets you through.

*Thanks for indulging in the “oldies” with me. Apparently my recent milestone birthday is drumming up all kinds of nostalgia.

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