Breaking Generational Trauma

By Dr. Rev. Catherine Ann Wright

GENERATIONAL TRAUMA shows up in many forms: After my mother’s birthing out (death), I felt a great calmness; her energetic cord she had attached to me from birth (knowingly or not-between a child and the mother) finally dissolved and there was silence.  Being a 10-10 Empath and loving my parents no matter how messed up they both are, I could feel all her craziness and instability especially in her elderly years just disappear after her death.  She actually got out of the matrix and back to Source without recycling into another life.  I was on the other side to assist her and make sure of it, hence I know.

With the passing of my mother in late 2021, there was an amazing release in my energy system of that matriarchal lineage that was so dark.  I know that sounds odd to say, but not all mothers and fathers are saints. I have done a lot of inner work removing negative energies from matriarchal and patriarchal bloodlines, but something just wasn’t giving until her death; it was like this Devine feminine or “the god-mothers” of this bloodline were hooked into me.  I could feel their energies feeding off of my organic energy.  I come from a very powerful practicing, pagan blood lines: South American/Spain and Scottish Celtic highlanders (NO FEAR HERE PEOPLE-ONLY LOVE).  Talk about family reunions – I just don’t go…lol – who drinks who under the table? lol

My mother is amazingly beautiful soul/ spirit and held so much love to protect us without knowing.  Yet her life was hard/ rough/ dangerous.  She grew up in Mexico and in United States in Medford Oregon and California.  Abuse was rampant in her family, so I don’t blame her for any of her ways that off-set humans or me; I would just cringe and send love.  She was MIT smart but they didn’t allow women there yet.  With great brilliance often comes insanity – just look at the great ones we know: Einstein – couldn’t tie his shoes and disheveled dress attire.  But in my mom’s case, she refused to acknowledge her empathic, psychic skill-sets and hence depriving her conscious/ subconscious of her organic, sovereignty and God-given birthright abilities, She did not practice cleaning her auric energy field daily and she was left with big gapping holes in her energy auric field which can let any old entity in to attach.  She succumbed to horrible possession and attachments with nothing anyone could do about it.  If the person refuses help or doesn’t want it, there is nothing you can do for them.

It’s true when you reside in multiple density and dimensions simultaneously, sometimes 3D is daunting.  I’m not saying anything you all don’t already know.  Sharing this is so highly vulnerable for me, but it’s time to let everyone understand the lies – there is no family I know without trauma or well hidden abuse.  On the outside we all try to look and act normal, but so many are screaming…I can hear THE SCREAMS!

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