Life’s Kaleidoscope

By Brooke Rowe

A Reading for the Collective

For some of you, many new doors are beginning to open and new foundations are being built. You are starting to experience the magic of manifestation. You are tapping into the cosmic sea of unlimited possibilities and understanding more about the importance of being fluid. Rolling with the tides and becoming increasingly adaptable has been a process we have all had to accustom to, and it’s been to our greatest benefit. For most, there is still uncertainty regarding your future. However, the uncertainty has become enjoyable as you have played around with creating your own reality and have been rewarded with the proof that what you desire is attainable. Stepping into the uncertainty has increased your faith, deepening the trust in yourself and encompassing higher intelligence.


Others may not understand the new path you are taking and may be attempting to convince you to turn around. Do not allow fear to slow your expansion. Keep burrowing into the heart of your calling, the life that’s correct for you. Take the steps that feel so right, even if you have not the complete vision of where they lead. Continue to set boundaries and remember it’s not your job to convince anyone of your truth. Lead by example and let your light expose the hidden.


Life is becoming more like a kaleidoscope. You are now able to see the beauty and interconnectedness in all of your many facets. Processing and integrating the realizations that the experiences you perceived as meaningless, mistakes, or failures, were actually blessings in disguise. The knowing that your Higher Self was leading the way the entire time is visceral now. Find comfort in that and trust your inner strength. Many of you are pondering or already have begun incorporating plant medicine into your spiritual quest to better understand yourself, in which the practice can unlock doors you didn’t know existed. An act that should always be held in sacred reverence. Also know that engaging in certain breathwork techniques correctly can also foster similar experiences.


So what is it that you want to experience? What would you like to create? The choice is yours. Choose wisely, and mastering intentional and direct focus will guide you along the way. Like your inner child gazing thru the kaleidoscope, the reflections of limitless opportunities will more easily present themselves with a curious and open mind. You may just jump timelines. Remember, have faith in uncertainty, creation occurs in the void.

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