TikTok… I don’t think so!

By Jamie Allen Bishop

TikTok… what? Me? I don’t think so!

I was wrong.

I heard the buzz about how “dangerous” and “bad” TikTok is with its algorithm and databases that track everything we do and how it’s putting children at risk. YUCK! Who wants to be part of that?!

Um… 1.8 BILLION people do. (giggle… insert the “holy cow” emoji here.)

Not everyone believes me, but there is something to remember about what you hear or read from someone else – their reality may be deeply different from your reality.

Contemplate that for an extra moment – your reality is yours alone.


As a liaison between the muggles and the wizards of the world, I explain it to my clients as the Bible stated so many years ago: Seek and ye shall find. Whatever you are looking for will absolutely be shown to you. If you’re looking for the darkness, you will find it. I deeply believe our outer world is a perfect reflection of our inner world. 

With that theory in mind and complete faith in myself as a “good” person, I finally gave in and started posting videos on TikTok. With eight billion people on the platform, there had to be some beings of love and light. Right!?

TikTok has given me so much joy, I am grateful every day.

There are some wonderful, amazing, talented, and loving people on that app. AND whoever runs the checks and balances is doing a truly wonderful job keeping it as clean as possible. Can you imagine trying to parent/temper/control eight billion people? The phrase “herding cats” comes to mind.

Are there icky things on there? Definitely!

Do I come across them? Nope!

If you are a business owner and are wondering what all the hubbub is about TikTok, join me (@jamieallenbishop). This world is getting smaller, and the more we share our thoughts, beliefs, and information with one another, the more open we become to understanding each other.

If you are on TikTok, I want to follow you and send you praise because I know you are one of the incredible people on that platform being your authentic self and shining your light BRIGHTLY enough for the whole world to see.

And, the world needs your bright light TODAY.

If not now, when? 



BIO: Your magic matters! Embracing your purpose with confidence on social media is what Jamie helps entrepreneurs do. As a Master Life Coach, she lives a legacy lifestyle she loves – traveling to exotic locations, supporting family members to pursue their dreams, and bringing peace to the world around her. Through laser coaching sessions, creating a plan of action, and holistic practices, Jamie helps entrepreneurs create thriving lives to bridge the gaps between personal, spiritual, and professional development. You can find her social media accounts by visiting her website at https://JamieAllenBishop.com

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