How I manifested meeting Tony Robbins

By Julie King

My transition from a successful singer-songwriter and music producer, to a breathwork facilitator was a tuff one.  It took me three years to let go of that which no longer served my soul purpose.  Even if by then I was already a certified breathwork practitioner, and already held my own breathwork and sound healing retreats in Turkey.  I still felt that I was missing knowledge.  I felt I was lacking education in modern psychology.  I enrolled in a six month Life Coaching certification course.  It is there where I learned about Tony Robbins.  I watched many of his inspirational and motivational videos and I remember thinking to myself it would be incredible to go to his live events.  

A month later as I was scrolling down my instagram an ad popped up.  Sure enough, Tony Robbins was coming to Oakland California, with Sylvester Stallone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, and so many other amazing speakers.  I remember talking to couple of my girlfriends, thought maybe someone would want to come along, but none did and all discouraged me from going.  All said pretty much the same thing, that I have one chance in a thousand to meet Tony in person.  

In my life coaching course I learned that it is important to take calculated risks in order to succeed.  At the time, I just wanted to go and watch Tony live, and hear all of these amazing speakers that I am a big fan of, in person.  I learned so much from each and everyone one of them.  One thing that I took from Sylvester Stallone is when he talked about writers block.  He said that he designated the same amount of time, at the exact time of each day, and sat in front of a blank page.  He said that it did’t matter that nothing was coming to him, he didn’t believe in a writers block.  He called it meditation.  He just said that it was important to have that discipline, to dedicate that time of the day just for that process.  To simply mediated over a blank page, no thoughts, just peace with in.  Allowing for a space to be filled with words.  And then eventual the script for “Rocky” was born.  Stallone said that he practically wrote it in one sitting.  I believe it, because I used this method in writing my Forgiveness chapter.  

Cardone taught me to invest money in marketing and not to be cheep about it.  He said you want to sell your product, invest a good amount of money in google adds!  Gary Vaynerchuk was incredibly inspirational.  His enthusiasm in regards to self marketing on social media and at the time investing in a new platform called TikTok, was essential in my new business.  Sure enough TikTok blew up during Covid-19.  Everyone was on it!  

In this video you will see how I manifested meeting Tony Robbins, or maybe it was my lucky pink hat that got me on stage!  Don’t forget to like my video and subscribe to my new channel.  I am starting over in a new field, and need your support!

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