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Joan of Arc Inspired the Warrior in Me. I now Stand Tall and Live the Life I was Born to Live and I am not Afraid of Public Opinion​ Anymore

“I am not Afraid. I was born to do this” -Joan of Arc

I love Joan of Arc. She is a woman and person I have really connected with on my healing journey.

She showed courage and fortitude; finding her strength with and in God.

She did not reject her self or her purpose and plan.

She was radical and passionately followed her purpose and plan by “any means necessary.” She stood tall in her authentic truth and when she wavered; she self corrected back onto her path and authenticity.

She was brought up on charges of heresy, witchcraft and violating divine law by wearing men’s clothing. She went to her death with courage, grace and self-acceptance when she was burned at the stake.

She reminds me to be radical in my authenticity and perfect identity. To accept myself and follow my heart with God passionately.

Not everyone will agree with me and I have been subject to the court of radical public opinion.

I was born for this and I will not be Afraid of the plans God has for me. I will stand tall in my truth and I know God is with me every step of the way.

My purpose is to serve Him and bring forth the change we are all seeking in the manner He wants me to present it to you.

We all have our individual plans with God. We all have our own purpose.

Do not be afraid; you were born for this. Stand tall in your truth and do not reject yourself because of the Court of Public Opinion.

God Bless!

Please, Forgive Yourself!

What ever has occurred to this point can not be undone. Only acknowledging your part, making the adjustments and be that better person today.

Measurement to a past that is no longer tangible does not equate to a tangible reality of who you are today and who you will become tomorrow.

Every day is about being the better version of yourself to become that highest version of you. To do that; one must cut away in the heart all that is of the past. It only serves to weigh you down.

My Awakening: YouTube interview with Public Speaker and Author, Aaron Fisher (@theawakeningself)

Watch my interview with Aaron Fisher (entrepreneur, public speaker and author; @theawakeningself on Instagram) where we share a heart-felt conversation on awakening and how it was like for me!

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Surviving PTSD

When I was leaving the hospital after a: few near death experiences, coma, and major surgery, the ICU nurse told me “don’t worry about dusting your house – dust is for leaving love messages for your family in” and “you will experience ptsd”. She also said “apparently you were meant to do something amazing with your life – that’s why you are still alive.” No pressure there!!

I would like to share my recovery with PTSD. I still trigger every now and again or get overwhelmed. I know I will never be the same as before but can function, enjoy life and be creative and productive again. In some ways I am actually better. Some things challenge me more now.

Anyways – Bach Flower Remedies saved my sanity. Rescue Remedy is sold in health food stores or online so if you want to try it right now, go get some! Personally, I prefer my own line of bach flower remedies named Faery Heart Elixirs available also online ( They are liquids made out of the vibration of plants, that you take under your tongue, but work emotionally, and energetically within minutes. They don’t effect medications and are good old mother nature LOVE! I could take them when I was freaking out, distraught, feeling overwhelmed and feel peaceful and calm the next moment. They are life support for the sensitive souls! Life saver for me and my family for sure!

Another thing that helped me gained control of my life, was working with a miraculous belief systems coach named Marie Martin from Kelowna, British Columbia. She has worked with many front line workers, 911 operators and others that have suffered with ptsd. She helped me clear subconsciously what was triggering me in a easy, loving, calm, and quick way. Once they were cleared, my triggers either went away or lessened to a manageable “normal” proportion. It is possible to roll through triggers quickly and easily.

Nutrition, healing, time and patience is always necessary for recovery. Family support is also a blessing! My family’s support and understanding made the hell I was in, a bit easier. Janet, my girlfriend, was really a saint! She repeated herself a million times because my short term memory was nonexistent in the beginning and I asked the same questions repeatedly. When I was in a full on freak out she would remain calm and not make eye contact (family joke) – wait for my outburst to end, and hope somehow we would all survive. PTSD is not easy on us, but our families get to go thru it right alongside us too! Remember to cut them a break! Try not to judge yourself so harshly. You are lucky to be alive. Be gentle with yourself! Show some love for the family walking by your side thru hell also!

For physical support in regaining my memory and straightening my body out after surgery, I went to a Body Talk practitioner named Richard Stuart from Calgary, Alberta. It took a few treatments to get the rest of my organs working together again and my brain function back but he was key for my continuing physical, emotional and energetic support. I did say brain function back! One night after a session it felt like a switch flipped on in my brain and I had some more back – best feeling ever for me! Body Talkers can get your body communicating with each other again which supports healing in a way like no other modality for me. I love it! Strongly recommend checking them out in an area near you.

PTSD survival and enjoying life again is possible. My intention was to share some huge keys for my own recovery process. Trust your intuition. Keep watching for the people and things, that can assist you. If you need some referrals I’ve sprinkled them liberally throughout this blog. If you are interesting on finding out more about my line of Faery Heart Elixirs, or the people that assisted me, please check out my website at www.universalembodiment. com. If you need any suggestions or want to connect – drop me a line!

Miracles happen every day! Trust me, I am one and so are you!

10 Ways To Love Yourself

Real Ways To Cultivate Self-Love


Love is the “capstone”  sustaining and holding life itself together. We are the very real fabric of love!

Loving yourself lays the framework for how we love others and in turn how we let them love us. Quite simply if you struggle to love and accept you as you are right now… (this is most of us at one time or another in our lives).. how can you accept and give love to others?  

Loving yourself directly influences at the core how you live your life with and amongst others.

Cultivating self and other love is a life learning process with many bends in the road as you move with each season.  How do you begin if this seems out of reach or too difficult?

Start by simply pausing with intention. Notice your personal inner dialogue. Take a “real” look within. What do you typically say to yourself when life is good and in those times when you’ve hit a roadblock or have been in a holding pattern?  Noticing and listening to your talk will reveal where are in the process “self-love.” This process is not selfish or self-centered. What is revealed and gathering will open a door to become.

Although complex and unique to each of us our own sense of “love” when authentic in our hearts and bodies will feel “right”  expressed in self-confidence, comfort, and ease.

Here is a loving list to get you started and refresh your perspective!

10 ways for you to love yourself!

1. Learn and practice self-compassion.

This area is crucial for cultivating and deepening how to love yourself. It is a key piece from which love is cultivated and sown.

Dr. Kristin Neff – The pioneering self-compassion researcher, author, teacher and creator of the Self Compassion Scales writes this on self compassion.


“Having compassion for yourself gives you the ability to honor and accept your humanity in the moment. Things will not always be  the way you want them to. You will encounter frustrations, losses will occur, you will make mistakes, bump up against your limitations, fall short of your ideals. As you open your heart to this reality instead of constantly fighting against it you will be able to feel compassion for yourself and your fellow humans in the experience of life.”

2.Develop empathy.  

Empathy is defined as being able to put yourself in someone else’s situation in the present moment. By loving yourself.. you show respect/love for others by listening with understanding to their struggles. without feeling pity or sympathy for them.

3. Cultivate gratitude.

Learning how to become grateful for everyday things and people in your life strengthens love by placing emphasis on what is versus what isn’t. Love grows here!

4. Accept who you are.

Embrace and love the things that make you uniquely you. All parts of you -are- who you are.  Both the good and not so good! They don’t define you but rather are part of your distinct makeup.

5. Let go of the past.

When you live in the past you stay in the past. Whether you feel the past was the best of times or painful. Embrace today!  Affirm your life by being where you are today knowing that this place… even if especially trying is just a season meant to raise your awareness where you are now so you have a margin to move forward each day.

6. Practice “Ahimsa” Non harming to self and others.

 “Ahimsa” is a sanskrit word from yoga philosophy found in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali the Hindu mystic. Ahimsa, one of the five Yamas, is practicing love to self and others by seeking to think and act with love and kindness. Ahimsa requests the practitioner to cause no “harm” with unkind talk, thoughts, and actions both to self and others.  

7. Be realistic.

Every day is not going to be a great day nor a bad day either. Some days will simply be mundane or ordinary. Allow you to be you in each given day.

8. Reward yourself.

Do something you enjoy because this makes you smile and affirms your life be it a yoga class, a hike, a good book,learning something new, hanging with your tribe enjoying time spent with someone special to you. Rewarding you with things your enjoy is love.

9. Develop a daily self-care routine.

Your body (physical and emotional)  is yours and it needs you to nurture and take care of it by placing yourself lovingly first within the lineup of all other professional and personal obligations.

10.Create healthy emotional boundaries.

Take time to set up physical, emotional boundaries that protect you and others from being manipulated and used or simply from overextending your best loving intentions. Setting up boundaries allows you to separate who you are and what you need from the thoughts and feelings of others. This intentional action may seem selfish and “unloving”  initially, however overtime setting up healthy boundaries is lovingly empowering for everyone.

Which of these tips resonates with you? Please share!

If you trust yourself the Universe will trust you!

The Universe is truly amazing and the power of connection and energy continues to blow my mind!

Once again this is another perfect example of the Universe working its Power and Magic and collectively gathering women who have the intention and purpose of living in truth and teaching others how to do the same by sharing their stories and their vulnerability!

When I was invited to be part of this book, I immediately knew intuitively the right publisher had found me and I trusted from the first email!

I had put the intention out in the universe about a year prior and it’s not by chance the opportunity showed up when it did!

I knew I would meet other authors and that they would be sharing their stories but I had know idea who!

When it was revealed who all my co-authors were I was blown away at the alignment the purpose and the power at all of these beautiful powerful women all uniquely different but energetically a strong similar vibration and intention!

My teaching to others is “Trusting your Intuition!”, and you can’t teach something until you have a strong practice with yourself first.

I am joyful at the trusting on this project! I don’t believe there are any coincidences and it is obvious and clear here, the energy behind this collaboration is for the greater good to inspire and raise the vibration of consciousness through sharing our own vulnerability and personal journeys!

Let your intuition always be in alignment with your truth and it will never guide you wrong!

With much love and gratitude,
Anne Marie

You are Perfect!

Back in the Fall, I found myself in the presence of amazing Wyoming women as a presenter at the Wyoming Women’s Expo in Casper. To say I was warmly welcomed would be an understatement. I was given a platform to speak on a topic very near and dear to my heart yet different than what I typically speak about to my usual audience of nurses and educators. If you take a look at the bag that my beautiful baby girl, Ellie, is holding in this picture – the topic for our session was called “Your Voice Matters”.

It’s surprising that it took me this long to put this talk together. I think I was hiding my desire to host this type of “class” as a bit of self protection. Despite this, I am confident that we are presented with opportunities to teach the lessons that we ourselves most need to learn, sometimes we have to hear it more than once. The idea of Your Voice Matters started percolating around in my brain back in March 2018, but it wasn’t until the conference that things really started molding into a cohesive class and movement of sorts.
When I say that I am committed to this idea, I mean it. I am deeply passionate about all of us knowing deep inside that our voices matter. I have struggled with my sense of self and voice since I was 5 years old and got my first glimpse of the world shutting me down by telling me I was too talkative. I have struggled against that my whole life. I am not exaggerating when I say I face that internal conflict every single day of life. I live in a constant state of wondering whether or not I might be “too much” at any given moment.

I’d like to say that it ends today, but I don’t believe that is entirely possible. I am a believer in the idea that we control our thoughts, but that one is still wired in their pretty deep, so it will take awhile yet for me to rewrite that particular line of code. Instead of self-filtering or worse self-limiting, I will be rewriting that message as I am the perfect amount of me. I am uniquely and perfectly created and I am showcasing my me-ness and much-ness in just the right amounts at all times.
Do these negative thoughts sound familiar? Are you someone that struggles with too much-ness or maybe you have the sister thought that is more in the “I am not enough” camp. With either one, I think the new coding is the same, “I am enough.” There was another beautiful soul presenter at the conference who actually gave out temporary tattoos with exactly that message. She self-identified as a member of our “I’m not good enough” camp. Unfortunately, there are a lot of us who hang out there, but we can move to another location, another campsite. We really can learn to rewire and rewrite that code inside our brains. It will take time and practice, but it absolutely can be done.
Will you commit to fighting this with me? Do you promise to stop yourself the next time you go down the “I’m not good enough” path? Instead, will you take a nice deep breath and remind yourself that you are perfect. Remind yourself that you are enough, and you are loved? Do it for me and all of the other women who also need to hear, know, and feel this. Maybe you have a daughter or other significant to you younger female perhaps as young or even younger than my little Ellie who needs to grow up knowing this too? Perhaps you can do it for her. Maybe you can think about that little girl inside of you – do it for her. The more you do it, the more it is etched into your brain and becomes the default thought pattern. Pretty soon we will all know we are enough.
Imagine a world where we all know we are enough. Imagine how unstoppable we will be. Imagine how much love and amazingness and awesomeness will exist. This is the world I see in my mind. This is the world that I dream about living inside. Will you help me bring it into manifestation? I hope you will.

Much love and gratitude
~ Sherpa Erica

Old Soul/New Beginnings

Well everyone being a contributing author has certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone! 

I am wanting to be of service and welcome reaching clients in diverse places but promoting myself makes me nervous still.

Alot of us old souls have deep memories of this world being unsafe for us to be our blessed beautiful authentic selves, so we certainly have our work cut out for us!

I do believe this world is NOW ready and safe for us to share our magical beingnesses more than ever! I know the value of shining our lights brightly  and making it easier for our people to find us. I am thankful for the stretching this book is creating in me.  Im thankful for the opportunity to share myself even further than I am used to.

So please support these brave women myself included who want to share their amazing stories, gifts and lives. We hope our vulnerability speaks to your souls and helps you shine more truly, brightly and with way more truthfulness,  love, magic and fun!