The Energetics of Breast Cancer

By Bernadette Bloom

My name is Bernadette Bloom. I am a holistic physical therapist, medical intuitive and
energy worker. This article on the energetics of breast cancer is based on my forty-two years of
study and twenty-nine years of practical work in the energetic world; work that changed my life
and the lives of those around me.

This article is designed to educate, inform and give tools and hope to those diagnosed
with breast cancer. This ‘dis-ease’, as we call it, is primarily a highly restricted Heart chakra on
the Soul level. It deals with major conflict between the Personality and the Soul, and the Soul
and the Monad. This conflict is registered in the Alta Major-Minor, which is located at the back
of the head. In esoteric healing, ‘dis-ease’ means imbalance. When someone has a disease,
somewhere in their physical body the energetic field is not balanced according to the highest and
best good.

When someone comes to me with a diagnosis of breast cancer, I ask them to give me
three unresolved emotional issues; worries or hurts, betrayals they have endured, griefs they have
suffered… anything near and dear to their hearts that is causing emotional pain. The Heart
chakra deals with unconditional love, awareness of Self, awareness of group responsibility and
the emergence of the group. The Heart chakra also has to do with ray two energy, which is
spiritual love and wisdom. The rays come from the Creator; the Source of your understanding,
whatever that is for you at this moment, at this time. Most people on the planet who develop the
diagnosis of breast cancer are women.

My work is to help people become aware of what is bugging them. The Heart chakra
controls the lungs, breasts, immune system, thymus gland, bone marrow and blood. It is involved
in any sort of autoimmune situation. When someone has the diagnosis of breast cancer, in the
energetic world, we consider this to be about what is eating that person up on the inside, or why
they are not nurturing themselves. Breasts deal with the nourishment of the Self. Most people
who have the diagnosis of breast cancer are very good at taking care of other people, but not so
good at taking care of themselves.

I have had many women come to me with the diagnosis of breast cancer. I will share the
stories of some of them here.

One client, who had experience with spiritual work, was doing functional medicine and
herbs as treatment for breast cancer. She had many lumps in her breast. I asked her what was
bothering her emotionally, and she said she was struggling with the relationships she had with
her many siblings. As we took the trauma out around these relationships, the tumors began to
shrink. However, there was one sibling she really didn’t want to do any forgiveness work
around; she absolutely refused. And soon after that, she left my practice and I no longer heard
from her.

Another client, a mother of four, had been fighting with her husband for over a decade.
By the time she came to me, her husband was sleeping on the couch, they were arguing over how
to raise their children, and hadn’t had a productive conversation in many years. This client was
going over the top to take care of her family and not taking care of herself. She began to lose her
hair and lost fifty pounds. She stopped exercising. She had developed the diagnosis of breast
cancer. She decided not to have surgery, and instead saw a doctor out West who froze the tumor
in her breast. She and I did a lot of work together to take out the trauma around her husband. She
eventually started to do homeopathy with her four children and spouse, to begin the healing of
the whole family.

Another woman I worked with was married to an older gentleman who had grown
children, one of whom kept coming into her apartment and changing things around when she was
not there. Her pots and pans, the contents of her refrigerator, her supplements….Every time she
came home it was like walking into a different kitchen. This was really driving her crazy, and on
top of that, her husband wasn’t doing anything to stop the behavior and back her up. She did not
stand up for herself, stewed on it, and eventually developed breast cancer. She followed a
traditional medical model but she also did energy work. We took the trauma out.
Another woman came to me, about six years ago. She’d had a double mastectomy and
went through chemotherapy and radiation. She had some bone softening in her spine due to the
radiation. I said, “you had three lumps in your breast. Do you know what they represent?”, and
she said, “Yes; my father, my ex-husband and my daughter!”
She was very aware of the situation, but no one had removed the trauma. I was able to do that for

One of my teachers, many years ago, developed the diagnosis of breast cancer. She
elected to do both chemotherapy and radiation, but also did energy work. Every single day, she

did energy work. If you are going to do radiation and chemotherapy, it is essential that you do
something energetically every day to support the healing of your body. She did this daily, and by
doing so, she also changed her entire life. She got married and had a family, after being single
for a long time.

Albert Einstein always talked about how “no problem can be solved by the same level of
consciousness that created it.” Wayne Dyer talks about the spiritual solution to any problem. My
job as an energy worker, holistic physical therapist, medical intuitive and teacher, is to help
people see, hear, observe, and intuit things from a different perspective. We can’t change what
happened, it doesn’t need to eat you up inside. When you get a diagnosis of cancer, it means
change now, don’t sit there and think about it…change now!

There is a book I have all of my clients read, called Radical Remission, by Kelly A.
Turner. (Should we place a reference link at the bottom for this book?) ( Sure)It is a New York
Times bestseller. It is about surviving cancer against all odds. The book talks about nine things
that people do to help them radically heal from cancer. Of the nine, the things that I help people
with are: taking control of their health, following their intuition, releasing suppressed emotions,
increasing positive emotions, deepening spiritual connection, and finding a strong reason for
living. That is my job.

The way I do this job is through a spiritual alignment. It is called the Alignment and the
Attunement, or Building the Rainbow Bridge, or the Antahkarana; up to the higher states of
consciousness. I give everyone this meditation. I have it on my YouTube channel, and also
available at because I want people to be doing this every single day, so
people can change their vibration to a higher state of consciousness and look at things

This is like putting on your own oxygen mask first during an airplane emergency – but the
oxygen mask here is a spiritual one.
We align our Personality to the Soul, and the Soul to the Monad. The Monad is called the
“I Am” presence, and it is the first separation from the Creator; the Source of your
understanding, whatever that is to you at this moment; at this time. We use the principle, ‘energy
follows thought’ to make a connection from Heart to Ajna (Brow Chakra), Ajna to Soul Light,
Soul Light to Monad, and Monad to the Source of your understanding; whatever that is for you at
this moment; at this time.

Breathe in that connection, and allow the healing energy from your Source to flow gently
back into your Monad, into your Soul Light, into your Ajna, and into your Heart. So again, we
have aligned our personality to the Soul, we have aligned the Soul to the Monad, and we have
now become aligned and attuned to the Source.
Then we bring a line of energy, using the principle ‘energy follows thought’ from the
Heart down to the center of the earth and back again. Now you, as the facilitator, are connected,
‘as above; so below.’ Continuing to use the principle, ‘energy follows thought,’ I align my Soul
to my client’s Soul, and my Monad to my client’s Monad, and ask for the highest and the best
good for them- at this moment, at this time. I channel all of this healing energy through me and
back into them through their chakras.

We evaluate and treat every chakra. In this esoteric healing work, which originates in
Tibet, every chakra has six levels; Physical, Emotional, Mental, Personality, Soul and Spiritual.
Within the Spiritual level is the Spiritual Triad; the Soul, Monad and Source. We want the pure,
beautiful, loving energy of the Monad to flow through you. That’s the idea. The Monad, (the ‘I
Am’ presence), the first separation from Source, is not where the breast cancer imbalance lies.
With the diagnosis of breast cancer, the imbalance is on the soul level of the Heart chakra. When
the imbalance is on the Soul level, it affects the Soul, Personality, Mental body, Emotional body
and Physical body. When a diagnosis of breast cancer is given, the imbalance in the energetic
field has been around for a long, long time before it turns into cancer.

With the traditional medical model, we treat the Physical body, via a mastectomy or
chemotherapy, for example. This can fix the Physical level, providing what we call a ‘cure’, but
the core of what caused the cancer in the energetic field is not addressed, and would still be
present. We want to heal the core, we want to treat what is really bothering this person. We
balance the chakras; Basic (Root), Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Ajna and Crown. There is
also the Alta Major-Minor, which deals with conflict. Conflict, conflict, conflict! It also deals
with the sympathetic nervous system; the ‘fight or flight’ response. As we balance these chakras,
we work to neutralize the trauma that created the diagnosis of breast cancer.
There are different structures we can use in the energy system to neutralize the trauma;
the organs of processing; gallbladder, liver, duodenum, stomach, pancreas gland, and spleen.
When we have a serious diagnosis, there is simply too much information for us to process.

We have two areas in the body that deal with trauma. One is for live threatening trauma;
the Basic Chakra, and one that deals with daily trauma; the Solar Plexus. The daily trauma is
when the boss yells at you, and life threatening trauma would be the September 11 th attacks, the
tsunamis, COVID-19…anything that you feel would threaten your life. These things could be real
or perceived. As we take this trauma out, space is created, and nature abhors a void.
Then I have people think about themselves, and the next step. What do they need to do
next? Maybe there is another person that needs to be worked on in terms of forgiveness. We do a
lot of brain work on the frontal lobes; the occipital lobe, to help you process things differently;
the amygdala, where fear is processed; and the thalamus, which is the relay station of the body.
We work to take out this trauma, and then leave a void, so people can fill it with the things they
need and/or want.

We would work on the breasts for self-nurturing, the spine for the metaphysical support
system and the courage area- for the courage to move on with life. We work on the spleen center
so it would help to support them energetically. We have energy areas called vitality and prana,
which do exactly that; give the person energy. Because as we are going through a life-threatening
situation, you need energy to deal with what you need to deal with.

Finally, at the very end, I like to put spiritual healing energy into the blood. The Heart
chakra controls the blood, and the blood goes to every single part of the body. We want to have
the highest vibration in the blood possible. We have Ray 2 energy that comes from the Creator,
in the form of spiritual love and wisdom. Not one single person has ever said, “I do not want
spiritual love and wisdom in my body.”

These are the basics on how to treat the diagnosis of breast cancer using esoteric healing,
a high vibrational healing energy technique from Tibet. There are twenty-six books written on
the subject. I myself have twenty-nine years of experience doing this work, plus I teach and have
clients all or over the United States and the world. I work virtually via Skype, Zoom and
FaceTime, the telephone, and the old fashioned way: in person. I invite you to look up my free
medication on my YouTube channel, “Bernadette Bloom”, or on my website,, where you can also sign up for my newsletter.

As always, I give you these teachings, research and knowledge with spiritual love and
wisdom, for the highest and best for all. Give yourself a wonderful day.

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