• Holy Fire III Reiki
    Laera Morrow
    Holy Fire III ReikiSignificant milestones in Reiki have recently transpired. Not only did I acquire my own official Reiki (Holy Fire lineage) MASTER certificate as of last week (along with the rest of my class, featured above), but Holy Fire itself reached another milestone. My having “leveled-up” to Reiki master means that I now have two additional symbols with ... Read more
  • Meet the Life Gardener
    Paula D'Amico
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXOtne7lZto&t=26s Read more
  • How To Achieve Your Desires Through Energy Work
    Robin Eagle Sage
    How To Achieve Your Desires Through Energy Workhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwWzO6O8UyE&t=3s Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive & Author Owner of Sage School of Light: Classes in Energy Reading & Healing www.MedicalIntuitiveTraining.com info@RobinEagleSage.com Read more
  • Mindfulness Monday Quick Hit #14 ~ Stop Your Busy: And Become Present Just Like That
    Tiffany Guske
    Mindfulness Monday Quick Hit #14 ~ Stop Your Busy: And Become Present Just Like ThatAre you one of those people who has “to get to just one more thing” – constantly? How about needing to be on-the-go all the time out of habit? Well imagine what it would be like if you could just STOP. Stop the busyness and bring in the ahhhhhhh… Most of us spend our time running around doing, ... Read more
  • Mindfulness Monday Quick Hit #1 ~ So Simple
    Tiffany Guske
    Mindfulness Monday Quick Hit #1 ~ So SimpleDo you want to start your week off right? Check out your Mindfulness Monday Quick Hit below. Step outside and feel your feet firmly on the ground. Close your eyes and take in a deep breath filling your lungs completely. Exhale gently and slowly open your eyes. Notice your surroundings – the air, sky, ground, plants, sounds. Recognize this feeling of calm ... Read more
  • Thoughts on ‘Being Enough’
    Bonnie Bogner
    Thoughts on 'Being Enough'Everywhere we look, there is so much information about how to improve, to be better, to change, to beat the competition.  The other day, I was looking through a list of Women’s Empowerment books and the theme of having to ‘do more’ really stood out. But what if you were actually perfect, just the way you ... Read more
  • A Healthy Mind
    Jennifer Nolan
    A Healthy MindWhen I was growing up, I remember observing my dad doing specific habits regularly.  Praying, meditating while listening to music, and reading.  At the time, I didn’t fully understand why this was a lifestyle for him.  I do know that it stuck with me.  When I had my own family, the reason became clear.   It gave ... Read more
  • How a Registered Psychotherapist became a Past Life Regressionist!
    Linda McFadden
    How a Registered Psychotherapist became a Past Life Regressionist!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSIMt7wRYwE Read more
  • How a Registered Psychotherapist became a Past Life Regressionist!
    Linda McFadden
    How a Registered Psychotherapist became a Past Life Regressionist!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSIMt7wRYwE Read more
  • Dolphin Channeling Video
    Robin Eagle Sage
    Dolphin Channeling VideoRobin Eagle Sage was asked by a group in Poland to channel the dolphins. The following video is the result of that request and was featured at an art show in Poland. This channeling is heart-felt as the dolphins fill Robin’s heart with LOVE as they speak through her. Robin Eagle Sage, Author, Medical Intuitive Healer, ... Read more
  • Shamanism
    Jane Del Piero
    ShamanismShamanic Healing / Sacred Plant Retreats / Workshops Shamanism: A Shaman is an individual that has access and influence in the world of the benevolent and the malevolent spirits.  During ritual or ceremony the Shaman enters into a trancelike state. In these altered states of consciousness they encounter and interact with the spirits world and channel ... Read more
  • The Powerful You! Movement WOMANiFESTO
    Kathy Fyler
    The Powerful You! Movement WOMANiFESTOARE YOU READY TO STEP INTO YOUR POWER? ARE YOU READY TO JOIN THE MOVEMENT? There is a quiet and persistent uprising around the planet. It is pervasive in homes, communities and businesses. It is a gentle nudge and at the same time it is a gigantic push. There are hundreds – no, thousands – no, hundreds ... Read more
  • STOP CHASING YOUR ZEN…it’s right in front of you.
    Linda Albright
    STOP CHASING YOUR ZEN…it’s right in front of you.Do you think God/Spirit/Source is ever confused or overwhelmed? Do you think s/he/it gets worried and anxious about health, relationships, or finances? Then why in the world do we? If we are indeed made in the image and likeness of God, as we’re told, then we, too, have a divine center, a peaceful calm at the ... Read more
  • No Balance = No Satisfaction, No Success
    Linda Albright
    No Balance = No Satisfaction, No SuccessTired of chasing success & satisfaction? Not sure what you’re doing wrong? Our research shows that most women are following the wrong strategies as they work tirelessly to achieve success and satisfaction. In fact, our studies reveal that most of you are working against yourselves. Ouch! When you follow your proper human design strategy, and you make sure ... Read more
  • When to Break the Rules
    Linda Albright
    When to Break the RulesA few questions for you: Where have you been following the rules – in life or in business – even though there’s a part of you that knows it’s not good for you? What have you been doing that just doesn’t FEEL right, even if: 1. Everyone else is doing it or 2. Some highly respected authority tells you, ... Read more
  • The Four Principles of Spirituality
    Surabhi Kalsi
    The Four Principles of SpiritualityThere are four principles of spirituality that apply to everyone. The way we choose to reflect upon them or understand them in our day to day life can help us find the “higher” perspective and wisdom hidden behind our experiences and challenges. Here is my interpretation of these principles and the way we can apply them in ... Read more
  • Standing in the Fire
    Lisa Winston
    Standing in the FireStanding in the fire of conscious entrepreneurship will test and refine you like nothing else can.  And that’s exactly what it is, a refining process.  My own journey has taken time, patience, courage and tenacity.  I have found that the painful experience of hitting walls and pushing through them is absolutely necessary for growth.  In ... Read more
  • My Guardian Angel(s) Delilah
    Donielle Mills
    My Guardian Angel(s) DelilahRecently I’ve had restless and interrupted sleep many nights due to concern for my father who has been sick for over a month now and in the hospital for weeks.  Our family is emotionally exhausted to say the least.  I woke one morning last week tired and in a funk when I came upon a ... Read more
  • When the Earth Moves in Mysterious Ways…
    Linda Albright
    When the Earth Moves in Mysterious Ways…While Carole King’s classic song was about romantic bliss, I think her “I Feel the Earth Move” idea can be applied in a broader sense, to describe the unpredictable transitions we experience in business and in life. Recently I’ve been undergoing a few of those myself – reevaluating pretty much everything from how I run ... Read more