My Guardian Angel(s) Delilah

By Donielle Mills

Recently I’ve had restless and interrupted sleep many nights due to concern for my father who has been sick for over a month now and in the hospital for weeks.  Our family is emotionally exhausted to say the least.  I woke one morning last week tired and in a funk when I came upon a letter with my name on it sitting on the kitchen counter.  Here is what it said verbatim (picture included)…..

“Hi there, my name is Delilah.  I am your own guardian angel.  I’ve come here to help you get through the tough times with your father.  I know he is in the hospital and I am very sorry.  You are very supportive to him, you go see him every day and I think that is incredibly helpful to your mother. I see that you and your family get along very well and that you are all very close.  Like when you went to Arizona your parents were willing to help take care of your kids.  And at Thanksgiving when everyone was sitting having a wonderful time. I hope your dad stays well and all stays well with the rest of your family members.  I will be saying prayers every night for him.”


Needless to say, my spirits lifted to new heights and I couldn’t wait to get to the hospital to show the letter to my father!  I live with my 11 year old son and my 9 year old daughter.  Wiping the sandman’s gifts from their eyes that morning, they came downstairs. Bursting at the seams I excitedly showed them my treasure.  They looked at each other with mischievous eyes and belted out fairy tale giggles!  When I asked what was so funny they simply stated that they were very happy for me that my guardian angel wrote to me.  Then they scattered in different directions to get ready for school – all the while with the looks and giggles of magical winged beings!

Thank you Delilah……!!

Donielle Mills

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