Standing in the Fire

By Lisa Winston

Standing in the fire of conscious entrepreneurship will test and refine you like nothing else can.  And that’s exactly what it is, a refining process.  My own journey has taken time, patience, courage and tenacity.  I have found that the painful experience of hitting walls and pushing through them is absolutely necessary for growth.  In reality, each problem that presents itself and every wall hit is a gift.

We all have stinkin thinkin – patterns of thought, habits and fears that shut us down, just when we need to take a stand.  But it would benefit us to remember that those beliefs and fears are not real.  They only exist in our mind.  They can only grow if we buy into them or create a story around them.

When they arise, we have a powerful opportunity to choose.  We can either stand right in the middle of that fire and rise from it like the Phoenix or we can let it consume us.  We can either be transformed or remain unchanged.

Next time you hit a wall, allow the thoughts and emotions to come.  Be present with them, embrace them, feel them; then, go one step further and love them.  Be grateful for them. Allow this with no judgement. Recommit and make a more empowering choice.

Challenge and resistance isn’t here to break you; it shows up to prepare and strengthen you.  It creates in you a bigger opening, expansion and the ability to hold more.  Each time you say yes to receiving more and push past those moments, you become a more capable and loving leader.  You’re a fire extinguisher.

Remember, you’re God in human form.  You’re never separate from your true essence. That’s miraculous news.  You already have within, all you need to step into your power and affect change.


I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.”  Joshua Graham


Through alignment with true essence, Lisa Winston, Authenticity & Intuitive Life/Business Coach, facilitates transformation in people’s personal lives and conscious businesses.  She believes that building a solid inner foundation as well as living from an unshakeable knowing and love of one’s self, is the way to a life of joy, purpose and prosperity. Thirty years of traumatic life experiences helped to awaken her inner fire and propel her into her life purpose.  She knows first-hand that everyone has access to the power within to rise above circumstances and thrive.  She now has the honor and joy of assisting others in finding their authentic voice as well as unique passion and purpose.  Lisa is a teacher, author, artist, vocalist, mentor and mom.  Her certifications: Elementary Education, Spring Forest Qigong, Colon Therapist and Licensed mentor.

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