When the Earth Moves in Mysterious Ways…

By Linda Albright

While Carole King’s classic song was about romantic bliss, I think her “I Feel the Earth Move” idea can be applied in a broader sense, to describe the unpredictable transitions we experience in business and in life. Recently I’ve been undergoing a few of those myself – reevaluating pretty much everything from how I run my business to what I want in my personal life – and so I feel particularly well-versed on the topic today.

So what do you do when you feel the earth move, the rug pulled out from under you, when it feels that the sky is ‘a tumblin’ down?

Here are a few of my most trusty tools for when “The Times They Are A’Changin’”: *


  1. “The only thing you can count on is change.” That pearl of wisdom was given to me by my mother, a real visionary spitfire when she was alive (talk about a true Lucille Ball!) So don’t let the unexpected blindside you or even surprise you; just brush yourself off and say “Oh, right…this again…okay here we go….”
  1. Look for the gift. I know this is a hard one…sometimes really, really hard. But trust me…IF you look hard enough, you WILL find it. I’ve been amazed at the ah ha’s and wow’s that have landed when I stopped long enough to ask “What was up with THAT?!” There are no accidents; we attract exactly the experiences we need in order to grow and evolve into the bright and beautiful beings we’re meant to be. Approach life’s surprises with gentle curiosity. Try saying: “Okay, I know there’s a lesson in here…I can’t see it right now…in fact I’m still mad/sad/shocked…but help me open up to the lessons so I can heal what needs to be healed and be a stronger force for good in the world.” Okay, true – I can’t alwaysget there immediately, but I always get there at some point. And the lessons are utterly miraculous.
  1. Reach for the tribe. I have a rule with my family and clients: no one’s allowed to suffer alone. There’s no need to. When in transition, connect with those who love you, warts and all. It heals. It makes you laugh at yourself. And it gets you through.

*Thanks for indulging in the “oldies” with me. Apparently my recent milestone birthday is drumming up all kinds of nostalgia.

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