Excuse me, I think I Need an Alignment

By Rev. Jennifer Britt, B.A., C.P.C.

Have you ever wondered, “What is my purpose, and would I even know if I were living it? First, it’s important to understand that as Spirits having human experiences our overarching (we’re talking BIG picture here) purpose is simply to express as the divine in human form. Pretty broad, right? Beyond that larger ‘prime directive’ we each express our divinity in very unique ways because each one of our Souls is unique in its personality characteristics, preferences, natural leanings, and tendencies that guide and inform our choices and the paths we choose to walk as individual and highly unique facets of the divine.

Many people erroneously believe that their individual life purpose has to be something grandiose, such as solving the issue of famine on our planet. How paralyzing this must be to think that if your purpose isn’t really big, it’s not worth pursuing, or if you’re not inspired to accomplish something great your purpose isn’t as important as someone else’s. Others believe that their purpose must be related to what they choose as a career. Looking at purpose this way can overwhelm you too. What if you choose wrong, and somehow miss your purpose?

While some people may indeed express their purpose through their chosen avocation, we (as in many people) unnecessarily limit our authentic expression and fulfillment of our unlimited potential by trying to fit the magnificence of our entire Be-ing into a single expression, such as how we earn our income. The guy who chooses to become a truck driver may think he’s not living his purpose because he chose to drive a truck instead of going to college. But to those around him impacted by his love of freedom and the open road are the recipients of his good mood, generosity, compassion and ‘random acts of kindness’ all over the country probably feel like he’s living his purpose, don’t you think? The mother who raises her children with fierce love, healthy boundaries, and teaches her children to think of themselves as global citizens of Earth may not feel like she’s fulfilling her purpose because she’s waiting until her kids are old enough so she can resume her professional career. Yet, her purpose is absolutely being expressed. And Bill Gates – his purpose isn’t to be a gazillionaire – it’s to impact the world in a tremendously positive way through intelligent execution of compassion, love, and generosity, which elevates the consciousness of love and compassion around the entire planet.

And we each make our own enormous impact in life, which ripples throughout consciousness everywhere, because we’re interconnected through an invisible web of divine consciousness that extends beyond this planet into the entire multi-verse. Each one of us is a very necessary puzzle piece in the entire puzzle of life, because without our contribution all of life is incomplete. Our purpose can be expressed through the small, seemingly mundane things we do day in and day out that align with our values, resonate with love, and are inspired by grace.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” – Rumi

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