What Am I Hungry For? Eating with Intention and Purpose

By Deborah Strafuss

Eating is a sacred act. It is nourishment and life for our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Our food is more than our physical sustenance, yet we often do not eat that way.

When, what and how we feed our bodies provides energy for our spirits and souls as well. Although we often overcome physical issues with mental and spiritual strength, our everyday physical nourishment feeds our whole beings. The very essence of the food we eat contains elemental energies. Knowing your body type and what foods will help balance your energy can greatly impact how we feel and function. Here is a great article on body types and eating from MindBodyGreen for those who want to explore that aspect further.

One client recently reported that she had been overeating during Covid and wanted to get rid of the extra weight. This has been dubbed the Covid 10 or 15 or whatever your number is. And in truth, less activity and more eating has prompted a few pounds for most of us. She had no explanation for her increased eating, but reported that she felt hungry, so she ate. This immediately prompts the question of what am I hungry for?

If you are experiencing a sense of increased hunger, rather than trying to satisfy it with food, stop and ask the question – what am I really hungry for? Then pause and listen for a few moments. Trust what comes into your head or heart. We so often overlook our quiet inner voice. Give it a moment and don’t be afraid – you will be okay if you listen to yourself. Are you hungry for company? For loving acceptance? Hungry to be able to feel better about yourself? Are you angry or hurt and need comfort or to forgive and release something or someone? Are you hungry for fun and play? Are you hungry for rest? What are you really hungry for?

How can you take care of the need that comes up for you? This is a place of self-nurturing and self-care. We are not always as good at that as we at throwing together something to eat. Self-nurture may take a little experimenting and learning. How can you make yourself feel more loved or accepted if no one is there to provide that sense for you? How can you take that break, make some laughter, fill your spirit’s need? Once you have discerned the non-physical source of your hunger, then ask your body what food it really needs. It is perfectly fine to indulge from time to time, but when a pattern is being established, take a closer look and do some work.

For example, consider the energy of what you are eating. Is it sugar laden – are you looking for a quick high and boost and not caring about your long-term resilience and strength? Perhaps you need to be looking at how you may be living from high to high with crashes in between and not finding the long-term strength you are looking for in life. Change one habit – either in eating or in living – and you will affect change in the other. Are you suffering with indigestion – is there inflammation in your life and are you irritable and angry? Calming your spirit with meditational practices and adding soothing foods will help bring balance and release excessive fire energy. 

How we eat reflects how we value and feel about ourselves. Right now, I am neglecting myself. I can feel it in my body which is responding by feeling weary and a little strained. I need rest, relaxation, and hydration. I need to honor my eating and not cram it in between what I am doing.  I need to spend time with myself and love myself a little more. What are you hungry for today?

Deborah Strafuss provides Spiritual Life Coaching and transformative Reiki Healing through her practice at Crystal Reiki. A compassionate intuitive, she supports her clients in achieving life goals of health and wellness in mind, body and spirit, equipping them with tools for abundant spiritual living. 

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