• The Truth About People Pleasing
      Corissa L Stepp
      People Pleasing is a behavior often learned in childhood as a self-preservation technique. It becomes a way of getting our needs met by receiving recognition or attention for being “the good girl or boy,” the “helpful one,” the “easy-going one,” the …read more
    • Are You A People Pleaser?
      Corissa L Stepp
      For most of my life, I have been the easy-going, agreeable, and pleasant one who didn’t make waves or cause conflict or drama.  I never tried to take up more space than I occupied (unless I was on stage) and often avoided conflict and confrontation …read more
    • How I manifested meeting Tony Robbins
      Julie King
      My transition from a successful singer-songwriter and music producer, to a breathwork facilitator was a tuff one.  It took me three years to let go of that which no longer served my soul purpose.  Even if by then I was already a certified breathwork …read more
    • TikTok… I don’t think so!
      Jamie Allen Bishop
      TikTok… what? Me? I don’t think so!
      I was wrong.
      I heard the buzz about how “dangerous” and “bad” TikTok is with its algorithm and databases that track everything we do and how it’s putting children at risk. YUCK! Who wants to be part of …read more
    • Life’s Kaleidoscope
      Brooke Rowe
      A Reading for the Collective
      For some of you, many new doors are beginning to open and new foundations are being built. You are starting to experience the magic of manifestation. You are tapping into the cosmic sea of unlimited possibilities and …read more
    • Beliefs and Your Healing: What’s the connection?
      Shannon N. Smith
      “She believed she could, so she did.” I have a t-shirt that I like to wear that has this phrase written on it. Sometimes our belief in our ability to do something is enough, but other times, we need resources to show us it is possible. Today the …read more
    • Gratitude and Your Health
      Shannon N. Smith
      You know the phrase “Bloom where you are planted?” Well it has a new meaning for me when I think of it from the perspective of gratitude. When I think of this phrase, it reminds me to be grateful for where I am and to look for all of the good things …read more
    • Expectations and Layers
      Shannon N. Smith
      I used to get upset when I realized something wasn’t turning out the way I wanted or thought it should. I’d get an idea, take action, and it didn’t work out. I used to question whether I deserved it and the answer was “no” if it didn’t happen when I …read more
    • Healing Diabetes the Esoteric Healing Way
      Bernadette Bloom
      Healing Diabetes the Esoteric Way
      Esoteric healing can help beyond what is offered from traditional medicine, especially when it comes to diabetes. Doctors are limited in what they can offer these patients, which is limited to medicine and …read more
    • The Energetics of FIBROMYALGIA
      Bernadette Bloom
      BERNADETTE BLOOM MI. PT. as channeled from the Tibetan Djwhal KhulFibromyalgia affects more women than men.It is called Fibromyalgia syndrome because it affects many different parts of the body. The paincan travel from your shoulders to your back to …read more
    • The Energetics of Breast Cancer
      Bernadette Bloom
      My name is Bernadette Bloom. I am a holistic physical therapist, medical intuitive andenergy worker. This article on the energetics of breast cancer is based on my forty-two years ofstudy and twenty-nine years of practical work in the energetic …read more
    • PTSD – Handled the “Esoteric Healing” Way
      Bernadette Bloom
      So many people in the world have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Often they don’t evenknow that they have it. Personally, I have had nine instances of PTSD, and I am fully recoveredfrom them. I am alive and well, all thanks to Esoteric …read more