Stressed or Depressed

By Carmeletta Joseph

There is a difference. Depression can manifest as irritability or anger. When someone is depressed, they don’t see the value in relationships as they normally would. As a result, pushing someone away allows the depressed person more space to be in their own thoughts. 

Sometimes you don’t have the energy to talk. Sometimes it feels fake doing anything ‘happy’ feels weird. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate. Sometimes depression comes hand -in-hand with anxiety. The negative thoughts that are part of depression makes people feel unworthy of being around others, or doubt that others care about them or want to be with them. When someone is depressed, they feel like they are a burden if they talk about their troubles. They often push loved ones away because they find it hard to love themselves. Depression causes powerful mood changes such as painful sadness and despair. You may feel exhausted and/or unable to act. These are all very different feelings from being stressed. Take time to listen to your emotions and take care of them in a positive way. 

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