Why Are People "Acting out" Lately?

By Mayra Sanchez

While on the road a couple of weekends ago, I noticed a lot of conflict. There were car accidents, construction detours and plenty of frustrated people behind the wheel. In addition, I noticed people raging into their phones and couples bickering in restaurants. I, myself, struggled to remain peaceful while communicating with family members about boundaries issues. In contrast, the weather was warmer than the week before, the sun shined brightly, flowers were blooming and I heard birds chirping in the trees. I wondered what was in the air that weekend that could override the feeling of joy on a beautiful spring day.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers us some clues to grasp this mysterious paradox.  Our physical organs are connected to the world around us and must follow the flow of nature to remain healthy. The extent to which we are aligned with the rhythm of nature helps us notice the areas where we are “out of tune”. Symptoms of discomfort are the indicators of internal misalignment.  Learning alternate ways to release the stress will consequently help us make new choices to support ourselves through particularly challenging circumstances and seasons….read more https://sidragonlifestyle.wordpress.com/

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  1. nick B

    Beautifully said, I wish all people would take the time to listen to nature and be grateful for the gifts that we have.


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