5 Ways to Give Yourself Love

By Ana Conlin

You are deserving of your love as much as others are.   You teach others how to treat you.  If you don’t love yourself first, you won’t know how to truly love someone else unconditionally.   Here are 5 Ways to give yourself love because you deserve it.

  1. Start within
    • Embrace your existence and honor your true authentic self.
    • Value your time and your energy.
    • Look for your strengths and honor them.
    • Love your life!
    • Believe and trust yourself.
  2. Set aside ‘protected time’ daily
    • Prioritize your time and daily goals.
    • Value your time.
    • Create a daily fun/adventure habit for yourself.
    • Set a consistent schedule for “ME TIME” to recharge, reset, renew and rejuvenate.
    • Power to Pause™
  3. Set healthy boundaries and non-negotiables
    • Learn to say no and let go of relationships and things that no longer serve you.
  4. Do things that you love, that bring you joy and fulfillment 
    • Find and follow your passion.
    • Pursue your dreams and create memorable experiences daily.
    • Explore, try new things.
    • Find fun and find value in everything you do.
  5. Self-love, self-care & self-awareness
    • Practice gratitude daily, beginning with yourself first.
    • Be your true self.
    • Eat healthy, exercise daily, hydrate properly and get sufficient rest.
    • Know your strengths and embrace them.
    • Accept and love yourself and others unconditionally.



By: Ana Conlin

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ana is the founder of Conlin Creative Resources, LLC and Ana Conlin Empowered, Professional, Innovative Coaching. She helps businesses and thought leaders co- create new direction, inspiring them to take bold action. Her mission in life is to lead and serve with passion, purpose, and integrity. She writes books designed for business and personal growth. Ana earned a B.A. in Psychology from Kean University. She holds numerous certifications such as Executive Leadership, Life and Master Business Coach, Assisted Living Administrator, and licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In addition, Ana is a Public Speaker, Business Strategist, and Author.

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