• Kathy Fyler
    • The Power of Forgiveness
      Sandra Levey-Lunden
      The Power of Forgiveness by Sandy Levey-Lundén, Miracle Network 2012
      How I Came to Study the Course and the prayer that changed the life of Sandy Levey-Lunden
      In 1990, I received an answer to my desperate
      request to God for a way to heal pain …read more
    • Forgiveness After Marital Infidelity and Betrayal
      Sandra Levey-Lunden
      Forgiveness After Marital Infidelity and Betrayal
      By Sandy Levey-Lunden
      There is a reason for the public fascination with sex scandals such as the Clinton-Lewinsky affair and the more recent revelations about Tiger Woods. Most of us carry some kind …read more
    • Perspective on Wellness and Aging by Interview
      Taeko McNish
      Perspective on wellness and aging by interview
      The interview date was October 30th, 2018. I interviewed one of my personal care service clients that I do home visits for. For client privacy, I will call him Mr. M. He just turned 100 years old. …read more
    • What Is Energy?
      Sarah Lascano
      What is Energy? We hear this word often but what does it really mean? In this short three minute video, I define energy from a health perspective and explain why it is important. Then we can have a deeper understanding of how to work with energy in …read more
    • What is Grounding & Why is it Important?
      Sarah Lascano
      What is grounding? How can I do it? What benefit does it provide? This short three minute video includes a quick exercise you can use throughout the day to feel more calm and balanced.
      Sarah Lascano is the founder of RayZen Energy, where she is an …read more
    • What is a Stress Bucket and Why Should I Care?
      Sarah Lascano
      What is a Stress Bucket? How can I use this idea to stay more calm and balanced throughout the day? This three minute video discusses these topics and why it is important to decrease stress in your body and mind.
      Sarah Lascano is the founder of …read more
    • Manifesting Change Through Co-creation and Community
      Renée M Dineen
      Change is difficult……Or is it? 
      The truth is, when done right, change within organizations and communities can be rewarding, enriching, and energizing. That change must be difficult is a myth. 
      This myth is sustained by the fact that organizational …read more
    • The ASK of Sponsorship
      Renée M Dineen
      The role of a change sponsor is well studied and documented. Sponsors are expected to adopt specific mindsets and display a long list of behaviors that have been defined and refined over many years by organizations and consulting firms alike. Yet …read more
    • Meditation My Ass
      Renée M Dineen
      That was my exact response when asked as part of a one-year coaching certification in 2003, to establish a daily practice of “sitting.” Yes, just sitting — twenty long minutes every day to meditate.
      I grew up in the 70’s and my parents were heavily …read more
    • The Lonely Change Agent
      Renée M Dineen
      6 Signs and 5 Strategies to ease the loneliness of leading change and get back on track
      This article addresses a common experience of even the most successful Change Agents and Change Leaders—that point in the change journey when they stand alone. …read more
    • Weekly Yoga Classes
      Ashlee Tuck
      Come drop in for a class either from your home or at our studio! Our goal is to make wellness accessible and affordable. We offer yoga, fitness, meditation and dance classes all for only $8. If you are looking to start your wellness journey contact …read more
    • Reflections on the Clearing Process
      Sandra Levey-Lunden
      Reflections On the Power of Clearing
      The following is some of my philosophy that lies behind the Power of Clearing Process Clearing) and how I live my life. The lesson in A Course in Miracles entitled “In my defenselessness my safety lies” (W 284) …read more
    • Conquer Your Money Blocks Worksheet
      Cindy Fay Lybbert
      Conquer Your Money Blocks and Enjoy Financial Freedom
      Money blocks are those beliefs and habits that sabotage your chances to accumulate, enjoy, and preserve financial wealth.
      You have more of them than you realize, and any one of them couldbe …read more