Conquer Your Money Blocks Worksheet

By Cindy Fay Lybbert

Conquer Your Money Blocks and Enjoy Financial Freedom

Money blocks are those beliefs and habits that sabotage your chances to accumulate, enjoy, and preserve financial wealth.

You have more of them than you realize, and any one of them could
be holding you back significantly. Even the wealthy have money

What are yours?

Answer these questions to gain a better perspective of how to
identify and eliminate money blocks from your mind:

1. What type of lifestyle do I want to enjoy?  What is my dream life?

2. What are my beliefs around money that limit my ability to
accumulate wealth and attain my dream lifestyle?

3. What beliefs do I need to have to be financially successful?

4. What are the sources of my money blocks? Are those sources

5. What are five affirmations that would support the attainment of
my dream lifestyle?

6. What are my most negative habits related to my finances?

7. What are five habits I would like to create that would lead to
financial abundance?

8. What can I do to avoid giving money blocks to my children?  What
is my plan?


There can be hidden reasons one is having problems with money and I believe it starts with our own family paradigm.  We perhaps saw our parents struggle or argue with money, perhaps we told we’d never make anything of ourselves or we’re not smart enough.

What ever the case we can change those old limited beliefs once and for all.

It takes courage to face our fears, no matter what they are, to begin a shift into having more, being more, doing more.

So, let me ask you…. How can I help you?  

I have helped thousands of people around the world shift into new positive beliefs and if you’d like to find out more please visit my website at

Mention you read my blogpost on Powerful You!  for a free consultation.


Many Blessings Be Yours,

Cindy Fay Lybbert

  Master PSYCH-K Facilitator

  Quantum Energy Healer



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