Testimonial – Oglesby

By Kathy Fyler

“I would recommend Powerful You! Publishing to anyone who wants to become a published author and wants to get it done as quickly and at the highest standard possible. Powerful You! Publishing and their team of experts were professional, accommodating, and punctual.  We were given an outline and timelines that Sue and Kathy stuck to every step of the way.  Their heartfelt willingness to help, exceptional training and thorough marketing collateral, were invaluable. It’s simply “Amazing” within three months (from start to finish) our beautifully designed, spiritually inspired anthology book debuted on Amazon’s Best Sellers List.  OMG: The power of collective consciousness – Powerful You! Publishing is joyfully transforming lives! I look forward to partnering with Sue and Kathy on future anthology projects.”
Alisa L. Oglesby
Speaker, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Author, Founder, President OMG:WomenUnited

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