Testimonial – Arrigo

By Kathy Fyler

“The overall publishing process experience from our personal conversation, contractual agreement, your professional and proficient staff, absolutely made the entire publishing package a smooth, stress free and positive experience. The collaboration of all involved and the peace of knowing that I was working with a true expert in more ways than one was a refreshing experience! Your planned ‘before, during and after’ networking techniques were a nice component to the process as well. It is by no accident that we reached the top so quickly on Amazon but instead because of your foresight and hard working efforts and strong business techniques the book is a success. It warms my heart to be a part of this endeavor! My broker was so excited about the book she put a lovely half page article in the Staten Island Advance about me and mentioned the book! I can’t tell you how many calls I received. I love using the book as a lead and conversation piece and I have given many of them away. I feel blessed that I can reach so many individuals with our stories (both men and woman) if I may add! It is my pleasure being an author in this book and I look forward to becoming a part of your new book ‘Journey to Joy’.timelines that Sue and Kathy stuck to every step of the way.  Their heartfelt willingness to help, exceptional training and thorough marketing collateral, were invaluable. It’s simply “Amazing” within three months (from start to finish) our beautifully designed, spiritually inspired anthology book debuted on Amazon’s Best Sellers List.  OMG: The power of collective consciousness – Powerful You! Publishing is joyfully transforming lives! I look forward to partnering with Sue and Kathy on future anthology projects.”
Debbie Arrigo 
Co-Author Empowering Transformations for Women, Realtor and School Administrator

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