Testimonial – Jennifer Connell

By Kathy Fyler

“Since expressing my story “How I Healed From the Disease to Please,” I have experienced a catharsis that has deepened the relationship with myself as well enriched it with my parents. Writing my story clearly provoked an energetic release of emotions, and my physical body has become more aligned and tuned in to higher vibrations, from which I feel a sense of freedom physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Furthermore, I know it has touched people; I have received letters from women who relate to my story and would like assistance in navigating their journey. If you have a story to share and know it may help even one person and even if you have never written a story (as was the case with me) or do not know how to begin, I highly recommend working with Powerful You! Publishing. Sue and Kathy are very professional and offer a publishing process that will put you at ease and give you peace of mind. The step by step process, coupled with professional editing and training is far more valuable than the cost to participate in such a life affirming project for women around the world.Your story will effect someone somewhere, and if you are someone who desires to make a meaningful difference in the world, Powerful You! Publishing can assist you to make you do just that!
 Jennifer Connell
Conscious Leadership Development

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