Surviving PTSD

By Hillory Hanson

When I was leaving the hospital after a: few near death experiences, coma, and major surgery, the ICU nurse told me “don’t worry about dusting your house – dust is for leaving love messages for your family in” and “you will experience ptsd”. She also said “apparently you were meant to do something amazing with your life – that’s why you are still alive.” No pressure there!!

I would like to share my recovery with PTSD. I still trigger every now and again or get overwhelmed. I know I will never be the same as before but can function, enjoy life and be creative and productive again. In some ways I am actually better. Some things challenge me more now.

Anyways – Bach Flower Remedies saved my sanity. Rescue Remedy is sold in health food stores or online so if you want to try it right now, go get some! Personally, I prefer my own line of bach flower remedies named Faery Heart Elixirs available also online ( They are liquids made out of the vibration of plants, that you take under your tongue, but work emotionally, and energetically within minutes. They don’t effect medications and are good old mother nature LOVE! I could take them when I was freaking out, distraught, feeling overwhelmed and feel peaceful and calm the next moment. They are life support for the sensitive souls! Life saver for me and my family for sure!

Another thing that helped me gained control of my life, was working with a miraculous belief systems coach named Marie Martin from Kelowna, British Columbia. She has worked with many front line workers, 911 operators and others that have suffered with ptsd. She helped me clear subconsciously what was triggering me in a easy, loving, calm, and quick way. Once they were cleared, my triggers either went away or lessened to a manageable “normal” proportion. It is possible to roll through triggers quickly and easily.

Nutrition, healing, time and patience is always necessary for recovery. Family support is also a blessing! My family’s support and understanding made the hell I was in, a bit easier. Janet, my girlfriend, was really a saint! She repeated herself a million times because my short term memory was nonexistent in the beginning and I asked the same questions repeatedly. When I was in a full on freak out she would remain calm and not make eye contact (family joke) – wait for my outburst to end, and hope somehow we would all survive. PTSD is not easy on us, but our families get to go thru it right alongside us too! Remember to cut them a break! Try not to judge yourself so harshly. You are lucky to be alive. Be gentle with yourself! Show some love for the family walking by your side thru hell also!

For physical support in regaining my memory and straightening my body out after surgery, I went to a Body Talk practitioner named Richard Stuart from Calgary, Alberta. It took a few treatments to get the rest of my organs working together again and my brain function back but he was key for my continuing physical, emotional and energetic support. I did say brain function back! One night after a session it felt like a switch flipped on in my brain and I had some more back – best feeling ever for me! Body Talkers can get your body communicating with each other again which supports healing in a way like no other modality for me. I love it! Strongly recommend checking them out in an area near you.

PTSD survival and enjoying life again is possible. My intention was to share some huge keys for my own recovery process. Trust your intuition. Keep watching for the people and things, that can assist you. If you need some referrals I’ve sprinkled them liberally throughout this blog. If you are interesting on finding out more about my line of Faery Heart Elixirs, or the people that assisted me, please check out my website at www.universalembodiment. com. If you need any suggestions or want to connect – drop me a line!

Miracles happen every day! Trust me, I am one and so are you!

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