If you can’t change it, laugh at it!

By Kim Hoyer

Does it ever feel like life is designed to trigger you? I was on my way to work to sign new paperwork after not having worked for several weeks. My bills had not stopped coming in however. I was on my way when an accident on the freeway delayed me enough to possibly make me late for our scheduled appointment.  I did the only thing I could and called the establishment to let them know.  The woman that answered said she thought maybe the owner had left already.  This may not be a huge deal if I was only travelling a half hour or so, but I drive one hour and forty five minutes one way to work.  A slight panic set in.  I was in a rush to make it there as close to 1:00pm as possible.  I was using my trusty waze app to guide me to the fastest route.  It took me down a road that was closed due to flooding damage that had occurred the week before.  Apparently no one from waze got the memo there was a road closure.  I drove in the opposite direction only to have my waze app continue to re-route to the same road that was closed.  I didn’t know my way around this town well.  I had no idea where I was or the best way to get where I was going.  At this point, I just started laughing.  I knew getting angry wasn’t going to change the outcome of anything and would only harm ME, not anyone else.  I laughed and laughed as there was nothing I could do to control the situation at this point.  I had done my best calling to communicate what was going on.  Laughter seemed to be the best option for this scene. Don’t worry…I did make it to work. The owner was still there to sign the paperwork and my bills got paid. The worst case scenarios we play in our heads typically never happen. It’s all a game anyway.  A game or illusion of separation.  I remember reading the book ‘The Four Agreements’ for the first time years ago.  The author Don Miguel Ruiz said things like, “If someone doesn’t want to be in your dream, don’t take offense.” I was mortified.  What does he mean DREAM??? This is REAL.  This is LIFE!!! I wanted to scream into the pages. Now I laugh at my seriousness.  On my journey I have learned that just when I think I have something figured out, my mind gets blown with a new perspective and way of viewing things.  Every time I think I know something I get new information that makes me question everything I thought I knew to be true.  The one thing I do know from my own experience is that as humans we tend to over complicate life.  Our brains want to analyze every outcome and decision to try and make sense of this reality.  Could it be as simple as whatever makes you JOYFUL and HAPPY, do MORE of it!!!  If someone doesn’t make you happy, re-write the script and have them exit stage left out of your dream.  If something you are doing doesn’t make you joyful and happy, STOP doing it or switch your perspective about it and start liking it! In all the UPS and DOWNS of everything I have experienced and created I have never been without the basic human needs of shelter and food.  Let go of the way you THINK your life should look like and FEEL your way into more JOY and BLISS. Thanks Don Miguel Ruiz for expanding my mind to this dream life reality.  It boils down to what seems simple, but can be a huge internal battle.  Allow your heart and your FEELINGS to guide you.  Your head is like a computer taking in and analyzing data.  It can deceive you.  Your heart is your soul.  It knows the path to your highest alignment.  If your heart sings when you are doing something, do MORE of it!!  It is an indication you are on the right path.  Same goes for people…if your heart sings around certain people, be around them more! If you do not enjoy the company of certain people, stay away!!  Release limiting beliefs and negative self-talk to open up and make room for more of what makes YOU happy!!  Lovingly release anything and anyone that is no longer serving your higher purpose. Annnnnd, if all those fail, start singing my favorite childhood song, it is sure to make you smile! “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily…life is but a DREAM!”

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