Are you the parent of an HSP?

By Michelle Cole

Does your child meet any of these traits?
– Startles easily
– Learns better from gentle correction (versus harsh punishment)
– Uses big words for their age
– Has a clever sense of humor
– Doesn’t do big changes well
– Asks lots of questions
– Is a perfectionist
– Is quite intuitive, seems to read your mind
– Is very sensitive to pain
– Is bothered by noisy places
– Feels things deeply

Highly Sensitive People are born with highly sensitive nervous systems that allow them to grasp subtle changes in energy – in both emotional and physical environments.  This makes them become overwhelmed by the emotional distress of others or in highly stimulating environments.

They have wrongly been labeled as hyper-sensitive and often asked why they can’t just be like everybody else – but they most definitely are not.  As they represent a mere 15% of the population.  So from an early age, they can develop self-confidence issues if they don’t learn to see their sensitivity as a gift.

Since children create a sense of self worth during their early formative years, it is important for parents of HSPs to realize their child needs more help creating self-confidence than the “average” child.

Parents can offer this help by:
1. Offering encouragement – so they know they are supported for who they are
2. Allowing your child to feel their feelings – teaching them how to manage them
3. Showing them their sensitivity is a strength – through perspective shifts
4. Validating your child’s experience – by not discounting what they feel
5. Honor your child’s ability to pick up subtle energy – intuitive training

I empower Highly Sensitive Children between the ages of 7-13 to embrace their sensitivity as a gift so they develop sustaining self-confidence.

My coaching practice is unique because I teach both intellectual and intuitive skills to foster self-confidence.  The Wisdom curriculum teaches children how to use the power of their minds and the power of their thoughts to create self-confidence, and my Reap program teaches them how to reclaim their personal power by tapping into their intuition for daily guidance.  Thus learning to turn obstacles into growth opportunities.

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