❤️The Thoughts You Hold About Yourself❤️

By Melissa Dudley

What God Says on how we attract our physical life:

“The quality of what we attract determines the value we give ourselves.”

What does that mean?

If we want more meaningful and rich experiences in our lives; we hold those exact values in our selves.

The way we frame our thoughts about ourselves and the things we say to ourselves, as well as, the people we desire to have in our lives is the exact experience we will see in our physical life.

Our brain stem is created in a way that it will search out the fact based evidence to prove our thoughts to be correct. The brain stem is evidence based survival, by proving our cortex (thoughts-the thinking part of the brain) correct.

Do you tell yourself things that are love, compassion & encouragement?


Are they self-punishing thoughts of self-inflicted violence?

What types of thoughts stated above would you want the brain stem to seek out as to be true in your physical life?

God wants you to think those empowering thoughts of love, compassion and encouragement about yourself. The same ones He has for you.

You will soon notice the quality of what you attract will increase based off the value in your thoughts.

God Bless!

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