The Smallest Contributions make the Largest Impact on Humanity

By Melissa Dudley

In a day of age where many people are working to make the largest impact to change the face of humanity and transform us to a global community experiencing compassionate brotherly love, God wanted me to educate myself about St. Anne; the mother of Mary. Mary is the Mother of God, Jesus Christ.

We do not know much about Anne (Hebrew name Hannah meaning “grace”) and what is reported may not be fully creditable in the Bible. This doesn’t mean we are not able to take from the accounts of Joachim and Anne to find value and apply grace to our own lives.

It is reported Joachim and Anne were rich and pious couple. Joachim presented a sacrifice in the Temple and was rejected because of childlessness. In that day; not having children made a man unworthy of entry into the Temple. In his grief he left for isolation in a 40 day fast and prayer.

The story goes, an anguished Anne sat under a laurel bush and prayed for a child. This child; she would devote in service of God. An Angel appeared telling Anne she would bare a child. This angel told Joachim of the child and he returned to his wife. Mary is thought to be the only child, because of this she is the heir of King David.

It is believed Mary was born without original sin, meaning she did not carry the familia and ancestral sin going back to Adam and Eve. This made Mary full of God’s Grace and righteous. It is my perception, this aspect of her had to be reinforced in her upbringing. This brings us back to Anne covenant with God to bare a child who would serve Him.

Anne understood Mary was not a product of her creation but a product of the Creator. God. The source of our lives and it is His image bestowed upon us; not our parents image. (Genesis 1:27)

This understanding had a profound and humbling impact on me today. It not only reminded me of my motherhood but also grounded me back into my true purpose on this earth. Through my own pursuits to have a positive and transformative impact on humanity, it is not about the amount of people I touch and reach through social media, public speaking, books or blogs. Instead it is about the impact I have on the lives I have chosen bring into this world because they are the ones that will have the largest impact on humanity.

As a mother, my job is to raise my children to serve God and His plan for them. I am to teach my children they are perfectly made, to be mindful, live in the moment, be virtuous and righteous by always turning to God. I desire my children to live their lives radically and passionately by following their hearts and being the person they were born to become.

My greatest contribution in this lifetime will come from joys of motherhood. By allowing my children to Serve God and live the life meant for them; they will transmute this experience to those around them and the future generation to come from them will have this same amazing experience. I do this by leading them through example through my own service to God and leading my life in the same manner I desire them to lead their own life. This is the greatest gift I can give to my children and humanity.

God Bless!

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