What is Medical Intuition?

By Robin Eagle Sage

Medical Intuition is the ability to read a person’s energetic field clairvoyantly, in order to locate a physical, emotional and mental imbalance, blockage or disease. A Medical Intuitive energetically reads the body including the organs, bones, blood, muscles, etc. This is done by clairvoyantly scanning the body for blockages. A Medical Intuitive is also able to find the connection between a physical malady and the emotional trauma which is causing the illness. This is the key for healing. Traumas are unprocessed fearful events and feelings carried over from the past, such as from childhood or even past lives. A Medical Intuitive seeks to uncover past traumas in order to balance and heal them. This in turn, allows the physical body to heal naturally, as emotional blockages always proceed physical ones, and must be addressed in order for the physical body to heal completely. Medical Intuition is one of the most accurate, powerful and exciting methods of alternative medicine today.

During a Medical Intuitive reading you will receive clear verbal communication directly regarding your particular issue, its history and how to unravel and heal its many layers. Most sessions consist of a verbal energy reading as well as a silent energy healing. The goal of a silent energy healing is to release blockages and allow your system to re-introduce healthy, flowing and balanced energy.

What is special about a medical intuitive reading is that it addresses the unique individual. Each person’s body, emotions and energy field is completely different, just like our thumbprints, due to our unique life experiences. Therefore, the information given in an energy reading is not a guess. It is based specifically on your own soul’s history and vibratory pattern. This also means that the cure for you could be completely different than the cure for someone else with the same disease or issue.

All dis-eases, whether emotional, physical or mental, manifest through negative and un-true beliefs, such as, “I am unworthy, stupid, selfish, guilty, ugly, incompetent, etc.” Most of these beliefs are born through the ignorance of one’s true God self and infinite connection with the Divine. For this reason, complete healing entails rediscovering one’s truth, beauty and connection to Source.

All issues, pains and dis-ease’s have connected emotional, physical and mental components to them. For example, the physical pain in your back is connected to an emotional pain in your heart, which is connected to negative mental thinking in your head. For this reason, you will need to address different aspects of your self (and not just take some pills) in order to heal completely from the inside out. As challenging as it may seem to discover and heal negative beliefs that you have falsely accepted about your self, so too is it freeing and the first step toward recovery.

During a healing session I will address helpful spiritual/energetic practices, specific foods, supplements, activities, thoughts, visualizations, lifestyles, finances, relationships and occupations that pertain to you, the individual. Those who follow through with their individual programs have told me they have healed from many different diseases such as cancer, herpes, candida, nightmares, addictions, migraines, low self esteem, etc…. With action, will-power and faith, all healing is possible. To hear more about positive healing experiences from my clients, please visit my testimonial page. https://www.robineaglesage.com/videotestimonials/

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