How to Release Stress And Allow More Peace into Your Life.

By Julie Jones Hamilton

      Is stress getting to you? We all experience times of stress. When my darling husband became extremely ill, unable to work, we began falling into debt. The pressure felt as if it was moving in on me from all directions – I thought I might pop! It seemed to me when life turns upside down, stress comes marching in and take up residence.

How do you handle stress?

Stress is an intrusion on our natural existence. We all strive for an orderly and peaceful life. We do better when operating in certain routines. However, when unexpected challenges arrive what are your “go to” tools? What do you do in the middle of potentially life-altering changes and stress?

Consider this: We can “have” stress without the stress “having us”.

We must learn to focus on our perception of the thing itself. For it is true… as the saying goes, “When we change the way we looks at things, the things we look at change”.

Here are 3 simple steps to change the way we look at things, allowing a space for peace and non-resistance to enter in.

Step 1 – Accept

Accepting things the way they are releases the power we may feel they have over us. It allows us time to breathe. Acceptance is the key to finding a healthier solution instead of continuing to resist the change that is occurring. When we accept people, places and things exactly as they are it becomes easier to look for solutions. Acceptance is the key to many problems. Sometimes it just is what it is.

In my case, my acceptance that my beloved was ill and unable to work allowed me to look into other alternatives that would support the changes we were going through.

Step 2 – Look for the Good

This is a powerful step. It may seem counter intuitive, however, focusing on the bad will only allow things to feel worse. When we look for ways in which the situation might serve us we begin to see things newly. Looking for ways that could bring out the good in the situation enables us to move through it more quickly.

So, I looked for ways I could help support our family, which allowed me to become stronger and ultimately create two companies. While caring for my husband I became more patient and loving toward him and others as he convalesced and healed. This created a deeper, richer relationship as I realized I had become stronger too.

Step 3 – Forgive and Let Go of the Rest

Forgiving and letting go is a huge step in building a relationship with your inner-self. In realizing there is no shame and no one to blame -it’s only life happening, shifting and changing- is an empowered place to be.

I began to vision what new changes I would love to create in my life rather than look upon the situation with fear and doubt. We all have choices with the thoughts we think. I may not always choose what is happening to me but I can choose what I will think of it. I chose to accept, look for the good and then let go and forgive all the rest. In doing so, I allow more peace into my life.

Final thought…

Life is in constant motion and change. As we accept this as routines change we will become more adaptable and less stressful during the process. I encourage you to apply the 3 steps to the stress in your life and share with me how they worked for you. In sharing with me, you are helping me to support and help others. Because after all, aren’t we all here to help one another?

~ Written by Julie Jones Hamilton,

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