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Peig Myota


United States
The Power of Love and Awakened Consciousness

Peig Myota, BSN, MSE, OM has over forty years of clinical experience in both traditional healthcare and the healing arts. She began her career as a nurse on the fields of psychology and obstetrics, then transitioned into energy work. In addition to completing post-graduate study programs in Cosolargy and Integral Psychology, she has studied the Science of Light Energy Consciousness and Frequency Healing with internationally recognized professionals, as well as advanced training in Intuitive Energy Diagnosis, Heart-Centered Healing, Regression Therapy, Reiki Master Teacher Certification, Energy Psychology, and Soul Genesis Matrix Reading Certification. Currently, Peig is continuing her scholarly research in cellular DNA healing and awakening consciousness.

Her Body, Mind, Soul Healing is based on the concept that “Love is the intelligent light energy that creates healing for the world.” She has developed a protocol for achieving advanced stages of healing and awakened consciousness. Peig has traveled extensively and presented her work at a number of international conferences.

Peig has held board member positions in numerous professional organizations, including the American Association of University Women, the Wisconsin Association of Outpatient Mental Health Facilities, the Wisconsin Association Task Force on Sexual Misconduct by Psychotherapists and Counselors, the National Association of Women Business Owners, and the Wisconsin Women’s Cancer Coalition.
She has also held faculty positions at Alverno College, the Institute for Healing Arts, and the Milwaukee School of Massage. She has developed a number of private study programs including the Solar Light Study Program, Cosmic Consciousness Study Program, Mind Power the Competitive Edge TM, and Live Your Vision.

Peig currently resides and works in Brookfield, Wisconsin. In her private practice, located in the Infinity Healing Center, she specializes in BioAcoustic Voice Frequency Evaluation, LED Light Therapy, Soul Genesis Matrix Readings and Soul Transition Training. In her therapy work she integrates light therapy, the power of love, and conscious intention with soul-centered mentoring to assist clients in achieving cellular DNA healing and awakened consciousness. She also maintains a busy teaching schedule, presenting classes related to the science of light energy consciousness and cellular DNA healing.