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Michelle Cole
Be Brave, Be You!
From Victim to Victor
United States
Heart & Soul

Be the Master of Your Life, Not the Servant!

For many years, Michelle Cole saw the world as a place where things were constantly happening to her. Her life forever changed when she stopped looking at her life through the lens of being a victim. She began to see what these life experiences had done for her, rather than to her. These “obstacles” were opportunities, directing her towards self-confidence. Her healing journey led to her life’s purpose—teaching children life skills that foster self-confidence. With self-confidence, children learn how to take responsibility for creating their own lives. As a Kid's Life Skills Coach, Michelle Cole would be honored to share her experience and training with your family.

I teach children who struggle with self-confidence how to use the power of their minds and the power of their thoughts to become the master of their lives, not the servant!

I firmly believe the simple act of gaining self-confidence can change the energy of the world.

Once we live authentically, we can begin to accept that others have their own truth. Whether it is our truth or not, we can respect each personal journey.

My coaching practice is unique because I teach both intellectual and intuitive skills to foster self-confidence.

I am certified as a Kid's Life Skills Coach and use the WISDOM curriculum to teach children through story telling and interactive role play.

I am also certified as an Intuitive and Reiki Energy Healer and use these skills to teach children how to tap into their intuition for guidance.

To heal and harness self-confidence in our adults of tomorrow is my honor.

My healing journey led let me to my life’s purpose – to teach children life skills that foster self-confidence. I want to teach them early about personal power and how perfectly made they are!

After all, I was that highly sensitive kid and understand the journey in seeing this as the gift that it is.

" It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." - Frederick Douglass

My son, I could just gobble him up in kisses non-stop, my very loud chocolate lab, my very mischievous cat, my loving and forever loyal family - to include the one born into and the one I've made and last, but not least, me!

My top truths:
Laughter is a must!
Growth can be fun!
We are each perfectly made!