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Michele Weisman

Release What's Not Working
Reimagine What's Possible
Rediscover Your True Self

Mome Coaching
The Flower and The Butterfly
United States
The Beauty of Authenticity

Michele is an entrepreneur, writer, and owner of Mome Coaching, a practice that focuses on guiding mothers in releasing whatever is holding them back from truly loving their lives. Though moms are her “sweet spot,” Michele loves bringing inspiration, connection, and empowerment to all seeking clarity and healing. Prior to coaching, she founded and directed a recruiting business that served the financial technology industry for fourteen years. Throughout her life, Michele has derived tremendous fulfillment as a volunteer and advocate for hunger relief, homelessness, and animal welfare and rescue. When she’s not working, she enjoys traveling, learning, bicycling, dining out, and being with her 2 daughters, husband and 2 fur babies.

Inspire. Connect. Empower. Play.

Through 1 one 1 coaching via Zoom, Skype or phone and live group workshops. In person one-on-one can be arranged in the NYC area.

Right time, right place. For many years, I have held the desire to write professionally as both a form of creative expression as well as a platform for me to share all that I have learned and continue to learn. Within the last year, I accepted my gift of authentic vulnerability. The opportunity to share my story of authenticity, openly so that I may inspire others, is truly divine.
I also have been sharing my desire to collaborate. The universe has answered all of these desires by bringing PYP to me and me to them,

I have dedicated my entire adult life to emotional and spiritual development and growth by exploring and learning a wide array of healing modalities. With my gifts of authentic vulnerability, intuition and communication, I offer my clients guidance, support and proven tools to heal themselves.

You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible. - Deepak Chopra

I love spending time with my daughters; they are my best friends. I love dogs so much and love volunteering and fostering (proud to be a foster-fail mom). I love good food and wine and playing like a kid. I also love my birthday and fireworks and making parties, dancing, knitting and being a student. I love birdsong, warm weather and sleeping late. And ice cream, especially mint chip.

I have a deep desire to make a big difference in the world. I have an unceasing appetite to learn all things spiritual and metaphysical, and I'm absolutely fascinated by the brain. (As of this writing, I am about to travel to Sante Fe, NM and Joshua True, CA to complete levels 1-4 of breath work training and will be a certified breathwork healer, in addition to being a certified life coach.
I am fueled by my personal vision:

To be in the flow of life and align with all that serves to educate and enliven me and to attract those who also seek connection and compassion, direction and fulfillment.

Through coaching, traveling, writing and opening myself up to spirit, I am gaining knowledge wisdom, and insights and communicating that back out to other seekers through my words, both written and spoken.

I am connecting to my power and helping others to heal and step into their power.

I am coaching. I am blogging. I am collaborating with others and our energy is contagious. I am a thought leader. I am building a movement. I am leading caring, concerned, compassionate mothers. We are harnessing the vast reservoir of love - fierce mother love - simmering in the hearts and souls of mothers everywhere, and we are unleashing it on the world.