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Jade Rehder

Empath Whisperer

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United States
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Jade’s heart longing is that the world accesses the absolute love available within ~ Aloha. As an energy alchemist (healer) and self-actualization guide, Jade has led more than eight hundred trainings and retreats since 1999. She creates the space for you to walk out of the chaos and confusion, clean up your emotion-set, and build your trust muscle so you can take your Spirit-led work out in the world. She assists others in accessing their inner magic through her innate intuitive gifts enhanced with advanced training in Hawaiian Huna la’au kahea, multiple energy modalities, neurolinguistics, voice alchemy, breathwork, and sound. Dancing ~ Joying ~ Being.
YouTube: JadeRehderLightMessengerAlchemist

Assisting others to access the magic within allowing them freedom mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

3-5 day group retreats are my passion alongside my private mentoring allows each client to customize their experience with me to fit their evolutionary needs. You can start with something as simple as a insight reading in person or virtualliy.

I have been attempting to get the energy tools you see in the book out in the world. The energy came to a peak and Rebecca invited me to co-compile the authors. Together we birthed this creation and know this is much needed in this time.

I have for the last 23 years worked in the area of personal evolution of consciousness (what that means is I have assisted people in finding the magic inside them, so they can live a life where they are at choice in how the experess themselves while being seen and heard) I have lead more than 200 trainings and retreats. The work we people who are lacking clarity and some feel disconnected from their source energy. We work together to allow you to gain clarity and freedom!

Think Less, Feel More, Love ALL
John Kimikowa

Mt Shasta
Absolute Love
ING -ing!

I am the proud mother of three wonderful adults and have three bonus children (my children's spouses) I grew up in the great white norht in Minnesota and I LOVE rocks and crystals!