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Abigail Havermann
Havermann Financial Services, Inc.
Humiliation: A Potent Sniffing Salt
United States
The Beauty of Authenticity

Abby Havermann is a psychotherapist turned Financial Consultant. Through writing, speaking, and consulting, she empowers women to root out, hear, and ultimately listen to their authentic voice. Having spent years milling around in both her own psyche and those of her therapy clients, Abby brings perspective and purpose to the financial planning process. Using her own mistakes as a guide, along with a good dose of humor, she seeks to align women with their personal and financial freedom. She and her husband own their own boutique financial planning firm and have clients across the United States.

To help women adjust the volume on their internal voices so that they can make authentic, healthy emotional and financial decisions.

I believe we all need permission to show up as ourselves, warts and all, and that if we all do that, we will find compassion for ourselves and compassion for each other. Everyone will know they are not alone. What a wonderful world it will be.

Your life is not about you. It's about the lives of everyone you touch. -- Neale Donald Walsh

Wherever you put your awareness, your energy goes. - Dr. Joe Dispenza

I love seeing the light go on when someone sees how they have gotten in their own way and exactly how to get out. I love it when that happens for me too! I love hiking, reading, learning, movies, coffee, wine and chocolate. I love establishing an efficient financial retirement plan where before there was a bunch of miscommunicating investments (I love anything efficient). I love watching my 16 year old play baseball and snuggling with my 8 year old. I love doing just about anything with my husband and I LOVE my dog, Mona.