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Shannon N. Smith
SNS Wellness LLC

Answers in Unexpected Places

United States
Women Living In Alignment

Shannon inspires others to transform their lives by broadening their perspective on wellness. A lifelong lover of the body, Shannon merges concepts from energy work and science to help clients reconnect with their bodies and unlock their magic. Through her own journey with an autoimmune diagnosis, Shannon uncovered the power of energy work, natural solutions, and alchemy in health. She holds a BS in Kinesiology and MBA/Master’s in International Management and the following certifications: ACE (Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Group Fitness Instructor), Reiki Master/Teacher, Access Bars® Practitioner/Facilitator, D-Codes™ Practitioner, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® (QHHT) Level 2.

My mission is to eradicate autoimmune diagnosis. In the process of doing that, I inspire others to look at their health and wellness differently and empower them to make decisions about their health and life that feel good. Ultimately, my goal is for us all to feel comfortable in their skin so they can live life in a way that feels good and expansive.

I serve my clients in a number of ways that support health and wellness. Wellness coaching and energy healing are my primary modes currently, but that is quickly shifting. Whether through individual sessions or group circles or in person events, there is goodness in all. I also help clients support their physical bodies with natural products that also merge energy and science so we can have quality products on this journey.

I fully believe in the topic of alignment, as it is something that I’ve learned to cherish after years of neglecting it. I’ve completely re-prioritized my life to put my own health and alignment at the top and I think more people need to know about what this means and why it’s important. I was also looking forward to learning from and connecting with the other co-authors and their stories. I think putting a group of women together to share about what this means to them and how it’s helped them is extremely powerful and very much needed.
And lastly, I wanted to learn about the book writing process, start to finish, so I know what to expect when I write my own books.

I don't have a prescribed method or approach, everything I do is tailored specifically to my client. But, this works well because I don't try to fit people into cookie cutter approaches or programs. I merge energy, science, and life to help my clients see new possibilities in their life and get results to change. I love to laugh in the work we do because sometimes the topics and the work can be very heavy, but it helps to keep things light. I also don't ask my clients to do anything that I won't do because I'm a believer that experience helps us empathize along the journey and that's very needed. I'm not the type to sugar coat either, if you need to hear it, I will deliver the message, but in a caring way. I am your cheerleader but also coach who holds your highest and best good in mind always.

“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”
—Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh)

Dance, music, travel, learning new things

- I'm an only child
- I grew up moving around as an Air Force kid; southern CA is where I call home
- I spent 16yrs in federal government consulting helping organizations transform
- I love lions, specifically female