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Rae Roach

Your Compassionate Journey Guide

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The Authentic Path
No One Is You ... That Is Your Superpower
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Heart & Soul

Trust the Process: 4 Steps to Aligning with the Best Version of You

Rae, Founder of Women Helping Women Retreats, has a passion for showing others how to find their voice so they can speak their truth. After a challenging life journey towards finding her own authentic self, Rae is always willing to share her personal struggles and victories, as well as the ways in which she has overcome hurdles to live and enjoy a more peaceful and fulfilling life. A dynamic speaker, author, teacher, leader, mentor, and intuitive, Rae can quickly hone in on what is needed to powerfully present a life-changing belief or empowering message. She brings a sincere and understanding voice to her speaking engagements, workshops, seminars, and WHW Retreats.

By discrediting the myths surrounding who you are, you find your voice, align with your truth and start living a life of authenticity!

I help people, primarily women, find their voice so they can speak their truth. I find that in order to live a life filled with peace and joy you need to be able to be authentic and you can’t do that when you believe the lies you and society tells you. I ask the tough questions; delve into your darkest fears to help bring you into the light. Seeing the mask lift from the faces of those working with me as they begin to dismantle those lies is profound. They begin to see that they are not alone and once they are on the other side of through they realize just how confining their ‘comfort zone’ was. I show them the tools and how to use them .. and then I become a part of their journey. And, that, is a beautiful thing!

My intuitive nature assists me in finding what is truly holding you back in your life and am able to help you see the desired result that you seek.

Do you remember who you wanted to be before the world told you who you should be?

This book spoke to me because I have learned that unless your heart and soul is aligned you find that things within your life don't make as much sense. Getting my heart space aligned with my soul has allowed me the ability to find my voice and myself and I wanted to share that story.

I absolutely love to travel, experience new and exciting places and people. I love my tribe and in the depth of my heart my 2 boys reside!

I am a Warrior Goddess unapologetic of my fierceness ... I am loving, giving and I AM ME!