Alison Anderson

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Alison Anderson

Intuitive Energy Healer, Well-being Transformation Catalyst

Healthful Direction – Healing from Within
From Avoidance to Embrace
United States
Heart & Soul

Release Food Sensitivities by Expanding Your Heart and Mind

Alison Anderson is the owner of Healthful Direction, a comprehensive wellness company. Alison’s highly intuitive and collaborative style helps melt away limiting “roadblocks” around the areas of food allergies, health concerns, life challenges, phobias, and more. She uses high speed mindset change processes to uncover underlying core messages from the body to restore well-being.

Alison holds a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition, is a Certified Health Coach, and is professionally trained and self-taught in many energy healing modalities. She has more than twelve years of experience working with clients throughout the world and is passionate about helping them live the best version of themselves—mind, body and soul.

To empower others by guiding them in transformational healing opportunities so their light and life can shine brightly.

I help my clients navigate and move through their perceived roadblocks whether this be a diagnosis, illness, relationship issue, allergies, money blocks, and more!

To shine bright and create a life you love.

"Even being sick is not a truth about you, even though you can show evidence in the form of symptoms. Being sick is nothing but the materialization of a belief or complex of beliefs. Being healthy is the truth about all of us." ~ Bob Trowbridge

I want others to recognize and embrace that they no longer need to be a prisoner to their food sensitivities and allergies. We all create our own reality and whatever the outside world is showing us can be healed by going within.
I have learned to release fears, avoidance and more and it is truly empowering!

I love being active and contemplative in nature! Skiing is my favorite sport along with tennis and hiking. I am a foodie who loves chocolate and my family carrot cake recipe.

Some of the tools I use with clients are: intuition, kineseology (aka muscle testing), PSYCH-K, Healing from the Body Level Up, NLP, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Source Energy Technique, and more!