Social Media Training Session 2

Creating Content – Social Media DNA Series

What the heck is Social Media DNA? It’s rediscovering and leveraging stuff you’re Doing Naturally Anyway (DNA). If you have these questions, this training is for you.

– Is your social media marketing running you instead of you running it?
– Does planning your updates feel like a chore?
– Have you been told by experts that you “must” blog, tweet, Facebook, etc?

Kathy Sipple of My Social Media Coach will help you find your DNA..activities you Do Naturally Already.

Workbook – Click Here

Kathy Sipple

Kathy Sipple is a fusion of business coach, story teller, public speaker, tree hugger and marketer. It’s a unique blend that usually works very well for the clients she serves: forward thinking people with a do-it-yourself spirit–entrepreneurs, non-profits, innovators, artists, and environmentally conscious companies.

Excited by the opportunity of social media for business, Sipple formed “My Social Media Coach” in 2009 with the mission of making social media marketing understandable and manageable for entrepreneurs and other small business owners. She spent 20 years in sales and marketing prior to launching her business.

Sipple relishes discovering the opportunities that exist with today’s marketing tools that didn’t exist a short while ago and coaching clients to use these ideas. Her clients learn effective ways to tell their story, connect to their target audience, create sustainable marketing systems and grow their business.

Kathy resides in Valparaiso, Indiana (just outside Chicago) with her husband John. She holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and is a member of Mensa. She is a reiki master/teacher, an avid hiker, nature photographer and community gardener.


Kathy Sipple
Direct: 219-440-4620