Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude – Book II
100 More Transformational Days to Create a Life of Joy, Grace and Ease

By Sue Urda

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Includes blue organza bag and 2 grateful hearts

This transformational book is a 100-day journey to the center of YOU!

Are you looking for more joy, grace and ease in your life? Are you seeking to manifest your dreams and desires? You will find answers within these pages. This book contains a lifetime of wisdom and the truth of real life experience. It is a guidebook for those seeking to live more consciously and fully in the beauty and bounty of life.

What can you expect? Your journey of expansion continues with each daily reading. You will notice small shifts as you integrate the simple yet profound truths within. These small shifts will lead to bigger a-has as you become more open to Divine intervention and more aligned with your own true nature. You will recognize personal transformations even as you are in the midst of your own co-creation process, and you will begin to live in the perfection of the present moment. And as the 100-days progress, you will step more fully into the personal power that has been yours all along.

Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude is the beginning… and there is no end.

This book contains 100 daily readings to help you focus on the feel good and relax into your natural state of joy, grace, and ease. Here’s a sampling of the messages and lessons you’ll encounter in these pages:

Discover and Align with these Divine Lessons and Truths:

  • Mood enhancers for a quick vibrational shift
  • Tap the transformative power of quiet time
  • Go with the flow, don’t paddle upstream
  • Choice is always available
  • Sitting on the fence to moving into action
  • Loving yourself is the ultimate gift
  • Forgiveness is strength; it’s not giving in
  • Done is better than perfect
  • Release negativity and fan the positive flames
  • Perspective means there’s more than one way
  • Everyone thinks they’re right; so do you
  • Love is the greatest of elixirs

About Sue Urda

Sue Urda is your Feel Good Guidess. She has impacted thousands of women through her transformative talks and inspirational writings that teach people to embrace the power of feeling good. Sue loves helping women discover the freedom of authentic alignment, tap into and use their unique and precious gifts, and live their lives each day with more simplicity and intention, grace and ease.

Sue is a two-time honoree on INC Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies and has been a successful entrepreneur for 25 years. She is an Award-Winning and Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, and a prolific, inspirational writer and speaker. As co-founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network she has connected thousands of women for business, personal and spiritual growth, and as co-founder of Powerful You! Publishing she has helped more than 150 women achieve their dreams of becoming a published author.

Sue is a thought leader who thrives on and loves studying the pioneers and newcomers to the arena of personal development and spiritual growth. Her own lifelong mission of personal discovery and her sometimes messy journey have led her to love the life she has designed, and she now lives and teaches everyday practices that really work as a way of paying it forward.

Sue is passionate about helping people make meaningful decisions that they feel good about, and move them to actions that are aligned with their values. Sue loves assisting women to find the feel good and live in that space every day.