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How Authors Make Money –
It’s Not What You Think
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When you start looking into being an author, you might be surprised at how the industry has changed.

Big publishing companies don’t offer advances anymore unless they are “guaranteed”  the success of the book, usually by the popularity of the author or the subject.

Self-publishing has grown dramatically so there are many more authors and books for readers to choose from.

On-demand ebooks satisfy the immediate desires of the consumer and are generally less expensive, so prolific readers have easy, inexpensive access.

And although overall book sales continue to increase, it has become harder for individual authors to sell a significant number of books through traditional channels.

Even so… there are plenty of authors who are super-successful and make plenty of money due to their published works even though they’re not a household name yet.

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Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why many great authors never make a dime
  • What successful authors do differently
  • The number one money-maker for authors
  • The inherent benefits of being an author
  • What to do even before your book is written
  • Why a book is so much more than its pages
  • And…

How YOU can get on the published author bandwagon and start earning the money you deserve!